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Hi and greetings from aplaceforanimals.com.

Our goal is to be the guide and resource for all animals and pet-related queries. We are here to feed all your curiosities. Together, we can make the world a friendly and better place for animals if we know them well.

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Dana McQueen

Owner, Lead Content Writer

I am Dana McQueen, a Veterinary Doctor who studied Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida. For years, I have got common questions from friends and family about their pets. So, I decided to open up this website and answer all those frequently asked questions. Alongside, here I share my expert knowledge about pet care, pet health and the animal environment. 

I, along with my team are always happy to answer all your questions. So, ask questions in the comments or Email us. One thing is common in my team. We all are Animal lovers, share similar feelings and give similar treatments to all animals. We never differentiate among them.   

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Meet our Group of Authors

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Lamis Dawi (Beirut, Lebanon)

Writer and Editor

Lamis has remarkable humility, empathy and generosity. Out of love for animals, she founded her own animal rescue team. As of now, this team rescued, treated and rehomed over 60 animals!

She has worked as an Intern in various veterinary clinics and animal hospitals. She has also had numerous voluntary experiences including blood donations and creating educational content for her countrymen.  

Currently, she’s pursuing her Master’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine at Lebanese Public University.

She’s CPD certified in –
1. Small Animal Nutrition
2. Nutrition of Hospitalized Cats
3. Dog Grooming
4. Pet Psychology

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Paul Wise (Perth, Western Australia)

Writer and Animal Lover

As an animal lover since childhood, Paul has an excessive amount of kindness for animals and really feels about them. Feeding stray dogs and passing time with them is one of the things Paul loves to do in his free time. 

Paul studied Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch University. He is a Speaker who talks about animal welfare at various events. You will find him sharing here his valuable knowledge as well as experience. 

Currently, Paul is working on his first book to publish where you will see the reflection of his 10 years of experience with animals and pet psychology. 

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Austin Ivans (Massachusetts, US)

Blogger and Fitness Enthusiast

Austin completed his studies at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine of Tufts University. He holds a high amount of empathy and kindness towards people, nature and most importantly animals. Expressing his feelings in powerful words is one of his best qualities.    

Like all of us, he is also an animal lover. He owns and adopted half a dozen of cats in his home. Adopting animals instead of buying them is always heavily encouraged by him. 

Austin is also an animal activist. We are really happy to incorporate his ideas with our Author team and he’s also happy to join us and help with the things he knows so well. 

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We are dedicated to enlightening people about nature and wildlife. Maintaining balance in our environment, humans and animals is an absolute necessity for survival on earth. Our expert author panel is continuously providing mentorship so that you know animals better and can help them in a proper manner.   

This website is for a range of people from kids to young adults to everyone who can read. The language used here is easy to understand. No jargon is ever applied by our experts and doctors. So, this is meant for everyone. This place is for everyone!