Can Rats have Peanut Butter? Foods That Are Poisonous to Them

Can Rats have Peanut Butter

You might have a can of peanut butter sitting around the corner and wondering whether it’s good for the rat. Even though rats eat almost everything, some foods are unhealthy for them. In the article below, we will learn whether rats can have peanut butter or not.

In short, yes, rats can have peanut butter. Along with peanut butter, they can even have Nutella, which is made of hazelnut. In addition, rats easily get attracted to high-sugar foods. But meals like peanut butter are not good when eaten in high doses.

In-Depth Answer: Can Rats Have Peanut Butter?

Rats can eat peanut butter but only in a small amount. Spread a detectable amount of peanut butter on the bread to let the rat eat. You should remember feeding a generous amount of peanut butter may harm them.

Meanwhile, peanut butter should not include any sort of extra added sugar or oil. The peanut butter must be only made out of crushed nuts. Hence, get some raw crushed peanut butter and offer it to your rats for a tasty treat.

What Amount Of Peanut Butter Is Suitable For Rat?

The peanut butter should be less limited in your rat’s diet. Hence, you should only use it as a thin layer. Moreover, adding more peanut butter might give them an overdose of fat and calories, so you should always keep it limited.

Regarding raw peanuts, you must stick to 2 peanut seeds per day. Otherwise, they might catch up with the fat and start getting heavier. As they love raw peanuts and butter, they might get addicted to them. This is why you should keep peanut butter away from rats.

Do Rats Like Peanut Butter That Is Crunchy?

Yes, Rats do like crunchy versions of peanut butter. Anything other than chemical and oil-added peanut butter is great for rats. They love the raw and crunchy peanut butter and get attracted to it faster.

Most of the time, only salted peanut butter is the most attractive to the rats. Hence, you might wants to go into your local dry fruit and seed store to find raw peanut butter. Buy the fresh peanuts and crush them out with a little bit of salt.

How To Feed Rats Peanut Butter?

The most popular way to feed the rat peanut butter is to use bread. Take a slice of bread and spread the peanut butter on it. Make sure it’s super thick, as a thicker layer is unsuitable for them. Moreover, you could use a knife or spoon to spread it over.

Another option is to take a small portion of peanut butter on your fingertip. Let the rat smell it out and start eating up the peanut butter. Make sure the rat doesn’t bite you while feeding the peanut butter. Instead, offer nuts and seeds covered with a thin layer of peanut butter as well.

Is Nutella Good For Rats?

Feeding Nutella to rats in small portions is suitable for rats. But simultaneously, it’s bad for them when you offer them a large amount of it. Nutella is made out of hazelnut and contains high-fat ingredients like peanut butter.

This is why you should only offer the rat Nutella as a treat. Don’t let them get addicted to it, as it tastes great. Plus, make sure to have better foods like veggies along with it. Most of all, don’t feed Nutella to baby rats as they are not suitable to eat it out.

What To Feed A Rat

Let’s talk about the foods which you must feed a rat. Their daily diet needs the mentioned aspects. Make sure to include these options in the diet of your rat. Doing so will make the rat healthy and live longer without any issues.

1. Fruits

No doubt, fruits are the most crucial aspect of a rat’s diet. Fruits such as apples and citrus fruits are the most beneficial for them. Moreover, provide them with melons in the summer days when the heat is sobering up.

2. Vegetables

Offer the rat vegetables like cabbage, carrots, berries, broccoli, and celery. These are great sources of vitamins and minerals for rats. Make sure to keep a variation of these in the daily diet of the rat.

3. Nuts & Grains

Most rats love having nuts and grains. They could be seen gathering around places with higher nuts, seeds, and grains. Each of these is highly nutritious for them and keeps them healthy. To be specific, yes, rats can eat peanuts and all other kinds of nuts and seeds.

4. Water

Similar to humans, rats need an ample amount of water along with a regular diet. A rat can eat up to 25 to 30 ml of water, depending on its weight. According to experts, it also depends on the diet you provide to the rat. Most of all, keep a tray of fresh water near the rat. It would help the rat to keep hydrated.

5. Sweets

On the other hand, you should have Sweets for the rat. It should be in only a limited amount. Because these contain fat and you should limit the daily intake for the rate. Only provide the sweets on special occasions or in a playful treat game. 

What Foods Are Poisonous To Rats

Some of the foods are not safe for rats. You should avoid using these foods all the time for the rat. For example, candy is not suitable for your rat. Below are more of these that are not suitable for rats to have.

1. Dairy Products

All of the dairy products use high fat and sugar. Which can be poisonous for a rat when eaten in huge amounts. This is why, any kind of dairy products such as milk, and yogurt should be away from the rat diet. Even if you feed them these kinds of products, these should be as minimal as possible.

2. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges, are not good for male rats. They can cause many complications to your roots. If any of these gets into the rat, it will cause health diseases. Apart from citrus fruit, avoid Manage in the rat diet as well.

3. Raisin and Chocolate

Both raisins and chocolate contain high sugar and fats and are poisonous for rats. Hence, it’s only suitable for them in lower quantities. Even though they get easily attracted to it, it’s not good for their health. Over time they will develop obesity and other health issues.

4. Dried Corn

To be specific, dried corn contains harmful elements for rats. This dried corn often contains fungi that are fatal to eat. One of these fungi is fumonisin, which will be deadly for your rats to consume. Hence, keep the direct corner away from their reach.

5. Packaged Foods for Other Animals

We tend to offer rat package foods that are made for other animals. For example, you should not feed rats packaged foods of Hamsters, rabbits, and other species. They are not meant to offer to rats, and most of them cause issues.

6. Expired Foods

Similar to humans, expired and spoiled foods do no good for rats. They often get contaminated by bacteria and other organisms. You should not even serve a slice of any contaminated food. Instead, throw it away and have a new one to feed the rat.


Let’s wrap up our in-detail guideline on can rats have peanut butter or not. As you know the answer, it’s good only in a limited number. Don’t let the rat keep on eating the peanut butter. It will easily make the rat fattier. Hence, avoid it in the daily rat diet.

Most of all, always feed the right meal variation to the rat. With a better diet, the rat would be healthier for longer.


Below are the questions you should learn about.

Does the mouse eat cheese?

Yes, mice do eat cheese. Hence, in many stories and movies, we see mice’s attraction toward cheese. Cheese is a great source of carbohydrates, and rats love to eat them when available. Meanwhile, they would also prefer eating other foods instead of only cheese.

Are rats lactose intolerant?

Adult rates are pretty tolerant to lactose. They are not, anyway, intolerant to lactose. Experts have not found any sign of issues after rats eat lactose-included foods. So, in simpler words, rats are not lactose intolerant and they can eat these kinds of foods when needed.

Do rats prefer Nutella or Peanut Butter?

They love both of them, depending on their needs. Rats can have both of them in any instance. There isn’t any clear winner over others. Perhaps, offer them both of these, and they will always get attracted.

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