13 Cutest Monkeys in the World: Small, Tiny, & Adorable

Cutest Monkeys in the World

Which animal loves bananas the most? A monkey! Monkeys are the most underrated animals in the animal kingdom. There are about 334 species of monkeys in the world, and some species are the most adorable animals you will ever see.

Monkeys are very playful and entertaining creatures with unique personalities. So, if you want to brighten your day by looking at some of the cutest types of monkeys, you have come to the right place.

We have gathered information on the 13 cutest monkeys in the world who will steal your hearts. So, grab onto your seats because we are going on a monkey adventure!

Cute and Small Monkey Breeds

14th December is International Monkey Day and the time to gaze upon the beauty of this spectacular species. Some species on this list are great pets to keep, and some are better left alone in the wild.

Let’s not wait anymore and jump into the world of cute monkeys!

1. Tarsiers

Tarsiers’ most eye-catching features are their bright, large yellow eyes. It almost looks like the eyes form the whole face. This monkey species only grows up to 6 inches tall, and they have a tail longer than their body.

Tarsiers are not suitable to be kept as pets because they are very territorial and defensive. They are also courageous for their size and will become mildly aggressive if you try to enter their territory.

2. Capuchin Monkeys

If you know Marcel from the popular TV show “F.R.I.E.N.D.S,” you have certainly seen a Capuchin monkey. They have adorable smiles and cheeky personalities that everyone loves.

Although Capuchins are very trainable, they are not the ideal exotic pet. They are super active and can quickly get bored if not interacted with. This can cause destructive behavior in them and create problems at your home.

3. Pygmy Marmoset or Finger Monkeys

Pygmy Marmoset sitting on a branch of a tree

Pygmy Marmosets, or Finger Monkeys, are the cutest monkeys in the world among the 334 other breeds. They are tiny, cute monkeys that only grow 5 to 6 inches tall, making them the smallest worldwide. These monkeys have hair all over them and an adorable, expressive face with dark black captivating eyes.

Pygmy Marmosets can be good pets as they’re tiny and easy to maintain. However, they have aggressive personalities that can emerge as adults.

4. Emperor Tamarin

How would a monkey look with a mustache? If you look at the Emperor Tamarin, you’ll get the answer. Emperor Tamarins are known for their long mustaches and lightweight bodies. They grow to be only 10 inches tall and weigh about 500 grams.

These rainforest habitat monkeys are friendly, loveable, and playful. They even love being petted! But, still, they wouldn’t be good pets to keep.

5. Common Marmosets

Common Marmosets are small, weighing only 300 to 500 grams and growing up to 9 inches. However, their size doesn’t match their long tail. They have cute white fur on their foreheads and ear tufts. Moreover, they are very calm and loveable, which makes them great to have as pets.

6. Howler Monkeys

Howler Monkeys have doe-like eyes and different fur colors. But the unique feature is their howl, which can be heard from three miles away. They are also a large breed of New World Monkeys.

Howler monkeys aren’t aggressive but have a terrible temper and will cause a nuisance in captivity.

7. Red-Shanked Douc

Red-Shanked Douc sitting in a tree

Red-Shanked Douc is the prettiest monkey breed you will ever see. They have soft peach two-tone faces and captivating almond-shaped eyes, almost resembling a doll. Moreover, their fur is of different colors and has markings.

Red-Shanked Douc monkeys are herbivorous, but they are messy eaters. However, this old-world monkey is disappearing as their habitats are getting destroyed, and they are being poached for the pet trade.

8. Cotton Top Tamarin

Cotton Top Tamarins are well-known for their adorable dog and rodent-like characteristics. They have white fur on their heads and chests. This monkey species is highly endangered and has become quite rare. It is known that only 6,000 individuals of their species are alive.

9. Guenons

Guenons fall more on the larger side of the small monkey species. They can grow to be 16 to 22 inches tall. But the most fantastic feature they have is their red, brown, or green coat, which is very vibrant. They also have cute button-like noses that are round.

However, if you plan to have one as a pet, let us warn you beforehand because they are high maintenance and need a lot of care. Moreover, their average lifespan is about 25 years, so you are looking at a long-term commitment.

10. Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel Monkeys are one of the most charming primates that live in the tropical forests of South and Central America. They are only 10 inches tall but are very fast, like a squirrel. They have beautiful different-colored fur and white glasses-like fur patterns around their eyes.

Did you know squirrel monkeys sweat through their palms and feet soles? They also practice urine washing to cool themselves down.

11. Dusky Leaf Monkeys

Dusky Leaf Monkeys are unique and adorable looking. They are small in size and have overall black fur except on their mouth and around their eyes. Infant Dusky Leaf Monkeys usually have orange fur that changes as they grow. This monkey breed falls into the endangered category due to its habitat destruction.

12. Gibbons

a gibbon sitting on a branch in the woods

Gibbons are large monkey species that grow to about 31 inches tall. But they are sociable animals and can become friends quickly. However, they are very talkative, constantly screaming at one another in the wild. Gibbons are wild monkey species that aren’t suitable to be kept at home as pets.

13. Vervet Monkeys

Vervet Monkeys are sociable animals that live in large groups. They grow about 16 to 20 inches tall when adults and maintain a strict diet of leaves and fruits.

Moreover, their coats are beautiful gray-brown colors, but their faces are black. Their eyes and small face are the most adorable features of their species.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the world’s cutest monkey?

The world’s cutest monkey is the Pygmy Marmoset. They are also the smallest true monkey species worldwide.

Can Monkeys be Good Pets?

Monkeys are adorable, and sometimes it may seem like a good idea to have one as a pet. However, they must be trained and don’t usually remain as playful as infants.

How Expensive Is Having a Pet Monkey?

Monkeys can cost a fortune. They are sold for about $8,000 to $20,000, and the maintenance cost is also high.

A Monkey Summary

Monkeys are sweet and clever animals. They love climbing trees and swinging on them. Some monkey species are so cute that you want to hug them and keep them forever. However, most species are now endangered and beginning to decline. So, hopefully, this list has reminded you to adore them.

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