10 Best Cat Breeders Near Massachusetts

Cat Breeders in Massachusetts

When it comes to finding the perfect feline companion, it’s important to choose a reputable cat breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their cats over anything else. If you’re looking for the best cat breeders near Massachusetts, you’re in luck! Here are the top 10 cat breeders in the area, each specializing in a unique breed.

Top 10 Cat Breeders in Massachusetts

Here are 10 of the best cat breeders in Massachusetts:

1. Old Castle Persians and Himalayans

Old Castle Persians and Himalayans is a reputable cattery that breeds beautiful, healthy kittens. Located in Massachusetts, they specialize in breeding top-quality Persians and Himalayans that are known for their excellent temperament and stunning looks.

All of their kittens are raised in their home with lots of love and care, ensuring that they are well-socialized and ready to become a loving part of your family. Old Castle Persians and Himalayans are known for producing kittens that are free from genetic diseases and health issues. They have a 5-star rating with many positive reviews from happy clients who have purchased kittens from them.

Breed: Persians and Himalayans
Rating: 4.9
Reviews: 50
Location: 157 Bumstead Rd, Monson, MA 01057, United States
Phone: +14136688470
Website: oldcastle.net/contact.html

2. Top Gun Bengals

Specializing in Siberian cats, Moubani Cats is a small cattery located in Seattle. All of their cats are TICA registered and come from champion bloodlines. Moubani Cats is dedicated to breeding healthy and well-socialized Siberian cats, and offers a 1-year genetic health guarantee.

Breed: Bengal
Rating: 4.9
Reviews: 19
Location: Buzzards Bay, 02532, Cape Cod Massachusetts 
Phone: +15085661510
Website: topgunbengals.com

3. ABCsiberiancattery

If you’re looking for Siberian cat breeders in Massachusetts, ABCsiberiancattery is definitely worth checking out. They are a small family-owned cattery that breeds purebred Siberian cats with great health and temperament. Their kittens are socialized with children and other pets, making them the perfect addition to any family. ABCsiberiancattery is committed to producing kittens that are free of genetic diseases and health issues and they work hard to ensure that all of their cats and kittens receive the best care possible. They have a 5-star rating and many positive reviews from happy clients who have purchased kittens from them. 

Breed: Bengal
Rating: 5.0
Reviews: 11
Location: 132 High St, Acton, MA 01720, United States
Phone: +16175131788
Website: abcsiberiancattery.com

4. Whispurrs Cattery Siberian Cats

If you’re looking for a TICA registered cattery that specializes in breeding Siberian cats, then you should check out Whispurrs Cattery Siberian Cats. They are a small family-owned cattery in Massachusetts that focuses on breeding cats with excellent temperaments and good health. 

All of their Siberian breeders have been DNA tested and have been found to be negative for HCM, PKD, MPS VI, and other known genetic disorders. In addition, their cats have been tested negative for FIV and FeLV, and their cattery is free of FIP. They prioritize their kittens’ well-being and socialization, making sure they are raised in a loving and nurturing environment.

Breed: Siberian 
Rating: 5.0
Reviews: 14
Location: Oxford, CT, United States, Connecticut
Phone: +12038885281
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: whispurrscattery.com

5. Pet World

Pet World has been in business for over 30 years, providing a wide range of pet-related products and services. They have a large selection of pets available for purchase, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, and reptiles. They also offer pet grooming services and pet food and supplies.

At Pet World, they prioritize the well-being of their animals and have established strict guidelines for pet care and breeding. All of their puppies and kittens are raised in a safe, clean, and healthy environment, and they only work with reputable breeders who meet their high standards.

Breed: Various
Rating: 4.4
Reviews: 499
Location: 1262 Worcester St, Natick, MA 01760, United States
Phone: +15086539221
Website: petworldnatick.com

6. Fluffy and Adorable

“Fluffy and Adorable” prides themselves on being a responsible and ethical breeder. All of their cats are raised in a clean and safe environment and are given the best possible care. They are also health checked regularly and vaccinated, so you can be sure that your new furry friend is in good health.

If you’re looking for Maine Coon or a Siberian kitten that’s cute, cuddly, and ready to bring you years of joy and companionship, then be sure to check out Fluffy and Adorable.

Breed: British Shorthair, Maine Coon, Siberian 
Rating: 5.0
Reviews: 34
Location: Newton, Massachusetts, United States
Business Hours: By appointment.
Phone: 401-639-1193
Website: fluffyandadorable.com

7. Autumns Inspiration

Autumns Inspiration is a reputable breeder in Massachusetts that specializes in breeding Ragdoll cats. They are committed to producing healthy, happy, and well-socialized kittens for their future families. 

None of their Ragdoll cats that produce kittens have FIV or FeLV and they don’t have FIP in their cattery either. They also check the DNA of the breeders and make sure they don’t have HCM, PKD, MPS VI or any other genetic problems that are known.

Breed: Ragdolls
Rating: 5.0
Reviews: 10
Location: Boston, Massachusetts.
Business Hours: By appointment only.
Phone: 781-420-2324
Website: autumnsinspiration.com

8. East Coast Savannahs

East Coast Savannahs is a TICA registered cattery that specializes in breeding Savannah cats. They offer a variety of Savannah generations ranging from F1 to F7. All of their Savannah cats are raised in a family environment and are well-socialized with people and other pets.

Their breeding cats are tested negative for FeLV, FIV, and FIP and they also test for PK deficiency, PRA-b and HCM. The cattery is also free from ringworm and other infectious diseases.

Breed: Savannah
Rating: 4.6
Reviews: 8
Location: 320 Central St, Rowley, MA 01969, United States
Business Hours: 8 AM–5 PM
Phone: +19789487039
Website: eastcoastsavannahs.com

9. Lucky 1st Bengal Kittens

If you’re looking for Bengal kittens in Massachusetts, Lucky 1st Bengal Kittens is a reputable breeder that you can trust. They specialize in breeding high-quality Bengal cats. Their kittens are raised in a clean and loving environment and they are socialized from an early age to ensure they are well-behaved and friendly. All their kittens are health checked, vaccinated and microchipped before they are available for adoption.

They prioritize the health of their cats, and all their breeders are tested negative for common genetic disorders such as PKD, PRA-b and also HCM. They also provide a health guarantee for their kittens, and they are available to answer any questions you may have about Bengal cats.

Breed: Bengals
Rating: 4.6
Reviews: 7
Location: 52 Rhodes Cir, Hingham, MA 02043, United States
Business Hours: By appointment only
Phone: +17813850636
Website: lucky1stbengals.com

10. Scottish Kingdom Cats

Scottish Kingdom Cats is a Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight breeder located in South Florida. Their breeding cats are registered with TICA and are DNA tested negative for genetic diseases. 

They take pride in raising their kittens in a loving and healthy environment, ensuring they are well-socialized and ready for their forever homes. Scottish Kingdom Cats provides a one-year health guarantee for their kittens and offers shipping across the United States.

Breed: Scottish Fold, British shorthair.
Rating: 4.4
Reviews: 7
Location: 56 Valley View Cir, West Springfield, MA 01089, United States
Business Hours: Open 24/7
Phone: +14135198768
Website: scottishkingdomcats.com

Questions to Ask Before Buying from Cat Breeders 

Here are some sample questions you should ask:

  • What is the cat’s breed and temperament?
  • Can you provide a health certificate or proof of vaccinations?
  • Have the cat’s parents been screened for any genetic diseases?
  • How have the kittens been socialized and raised?
  • Can you provide references or testimonials from previous buyers?
  • Are the kittens litter trained and well-behaved?
  • What kind of food and care has the kitten received so far?
  • How long have you been breeding cats, and why did you choose this breed?
  • Do you offer any kind of health or genetic guarantee for the kitten?
  • What kind of follow-up support do you offer after the sale?

Do your research and ask plenty of questions before committing to buying a cat from a breeder to ensure you’re getting a healthy and well-cared-for animal.

What Cat Breed is Right for Me? 

Choosing the right cat breed is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which cat breed is right for you:

1. Activity level

Some cat breeds are more active and energetic than others. If you’re looking for a cat that will play and interact with you, consider breeds such as the Bengal or the Abyssinian. If you prefer a cat that’s more laid back, breeds such as the Persian or the Scottish Fold may be a better fit.

2. Grooming needs

Different cat breeds have different grooming needs. Long-haired breeds such as the Persian or the Maine Coon require regular grooming to keep their coats healthy and free of mats. If you don’t have the time or inclination to groom your cat regularly, a short-haired breed such as the Siamese or the Bengal may be a better choice.

3. Size

Cat breeds vary in size from small to large. If you live in a small apartment or have limited space, a smaller breed such as the Devon Rex or the Cornish Rex may be a better fit. If you have a larger home and are looking for a cat with a more substantial presence, breeds such as the Maine Coon or the Siberian may be a good option.

4. Personality

Different cat breeds have different personalities and it’s important to choose a breed that matches your own personality and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a cat that’s friendly and outgoing, breeds such as the Ragdoll or the Siamese may be a good fit. If you prefer a cat that’s more independent, breeds such as the British Shorthair or the Russian Blue may be a better choice.

5. Health issues

Some cat breeds are more prone to certain health issues than others. It’s important to research the breed you’re interested in and make sure you’re prepared to deal with any potential health problems. For example, breeds such as the Persian are prone to respiratory issues while breeds such as the Siamese may be prone to dental problems.

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Buying a cat from a breeder can be a great way to find your perfect furry companion. Take the time to learn about the different breeds and what characteristics they possess to determine which breed is right for you and your lifestyle. With the right preparation and care, you can find a loving companion that will bring joy to your life for years to come.

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