10 Best Cat Breeders Near Texas

Cat Breeders in Texas

Are you searching for a specific breed of cat in Texas? Then, the best idea is to visit some great cat breeders in Texas.

Responsible and trustworthy breeders run their cattery with care and passion. They know their kittens and will help you find the one!

However, we know the dilemma of finding a good cattery because of the ethics factor and health concerns. But let us assure you that we have found the ten best cat breeders.

Our list of ten cat breeders in Texas is certified, reliable, and will be able to get you your feline companion. So, let’s get straight into it!

Top 10 Cat Breeders in Texas

Our top 10 picks of cat breeders won’t disappoint you. We have picked the best offering of different cat breeds, so you can easily choose the breed you want.

1. Ragdoll Blues

Ragdoll Blues are known in DFW, Texas, for its unbelievably friendly customer service. They are a TICA (The International Cat Association) registered cattery that sells healthy Ragdoll kittens. They feed their cats and kittens a 100% Organic Human Grade Meat Diet, wheat grass, grilled chicken, healthy treats, supplements, and purified water.

The cattery has a diverse category of Ragdolls to which they give proper vaccinations and deworming medications.

Breed: Ragdoll
Rating: 4.8
Reviews: 69
Location: 1117 Shannon Dr, Cleburne, TX 76031, United States
Business Hours: Sun to Fri- 12 PM to 6 PM
Phone: +18179880879
Website: ragdollblues.com

2. Smiling British Short Hair Cats

Smiling British Short Hair Cats cattery is a longtime verified member of TICA, which is one of the best British Shorthair breeders in Texas. This locally-owned cattery gives its kittens all the essential vaccinations.

Breed: British Shorthair
Rating: 4.4
Reviews: 24
Location: Houston, TX 77070, United States
Business Hours: Mon to Sun- 9 AM to 11 PM
Phone: +18329063913
Website: houstonpetbreeder.com

3. Sha Sha Sphynx 

Sha Sha Sphynx is a TICA-registered HCM scanning cattery with a beautiful hairless Sphynx for adoption. They will spay/neuter, vaccinate, and deworm your kitten before handing it over. Moreover, they also provide a Health Guarantee Certificate to the new owner.

Breed: Sphynx
Rating: 5.00
Reviews: 37
Location: 22525 State Hwy 155, Flint, TX 75762, United States
Business Hours: 24/7
Phone: +19037470167
Website: shashasphynx.org

4. Texas Exotic Shorthair Cats (Tescats)

Texas Exotic Shorthair Cats, or Tescats, is a reliable cat breeder with Exotic Shorthair kittens for sale in Texas only. They ensure that the breeding parents test negative for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Moreover, their kittens are Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. (CFA) certified, vaccinated, and dewormed. They will also provide a limited registration and a sales guarantee when you get your kitten.

Breed: Exotic Short
Rating: 5.00
Reviews: 5
Location: Outskirts of Houston, Porter, Texas, United States
Business Hours: Mon to Sat- 12 PM to 6 PM
Phone: +18327764814
Website: tescats.com

5. Posh Maine Coons

Posh Maine Coons is one of the largest Maine Coon breeders in Texas, with over ten years of knowledge and experience. Their Maine Coon kittens are snuggly and social and have a 6-month health guarantee.

Breed: Maine Coons
Rating: 4.00
Reviews: 8
Location: 6336 Baker Ln, Alvarado, TX 76009, United States
Business Hours: Mon to Fri- 8 AM to 6 PM
Phone: +18177158185
Website: poshmainecoons.com

6. Texas Star Bengals

Texas Star Bengals have F1s, F2, and F3 Foundation SBT Bengal cats in Texas for sale. They are a TICA-certified cattery with a five-year Health Guarantee on their kittens.

Moreover, they provide necessary vaccines, deworming, flea prevention, and microchip options for their kittens. The cattery also performs UC Davis Genetic Health Screening for all their cats.

Breed: Bengals
Rating: 4.0
Reviews: 8
Location: 25 miles East of Dallas outside Lavon, TX, United States
Business Hours: Mon to Sat- 9 AM to 5 PM
Phone: +12145520901
Website: bengalkittenstexasstar.com

7. Munchkin Land Cattery

Munchkin Land Cattery is a TICA and CFA-registered cat breeding program that sells designer breeds like Munchkin cats in Texas. Their kittens have healthy coats, good temperaments, and excellent looks.

Moreover, the cattery doesn’t breed more than two cats per year to maintain the health and quality of their litter.

Breed: Munchkins
Rating: 4.7
Reviews: 3
Location: 4001 Fannin St, Suite 4541, Houston, TX 77004, United States
Business Hours: Mon to Sun- 10 AM to 6 PM
Phone: +17132800663
Website: munchkinlandkittens.com

8. Bobcat Legends

Bobcat Legends is a registered Cat Kingpin cattery that has served the people of Texas for almost 20 years. They only sell Pixie Bob cats and offer the utmost care for the kittens.

Breed: Pixie Bob
Rating: 3.8
Reviews: 5
Location: 744 FM1540, Sandia, TX 78383, United States
Business Hours: Mon to Sun- 8 AM to 5 PM
Phone: +13617015179
Website: bobcatlegends.com

9. Kitty Cature Persian Cattery

Kitty Cature is a Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and Cat Kingpin registered cattery in Texas. They have Persian kittens for sale that are of excellent quality and health.

Moreover, the cattery follows CFA Cattery Standard Minimum Requirements, the Commandments of Responsible Pet Ownership, and the CFA Breeder Code of Ethics for the best kittens.

Breed: Persians
Rating: 4.4
Reviews: 7
Location: McKinney, TX 75070, United States
Business Hours: Mon to Sun- 8 AM to 7 PM
Phone: +14692880686
Website: kittycaturecattery.com

10. Jamila’s Ragdolls

Jamila’s Ragdolls is a TICA-registered cattery, and all their cats and kittens are SBT registered with TICA.

Moreover, all their Ragdoll breeding cats tested negative for FIV and FeLV. Their cattery is free of FIP as well. The cat’s parents have tested negative for various genetic disorders.

Breed: Ragdolls
Reviews: 66
Location: 140 Moccasin Bend Dr, Smithville, TX 78957
Business Hours: Mon to Sat- 8 AM to 9 PM; Sun- 12 to 9 PM
Phone: +15127189632
Website: jamilasragdolls.com

Questions to Ask Before Buying from Cat Breeders

Getting a preferred cat breed from a cat breeder is a good idea but can also be intimidating. You definitely want healthy and happy kittens with health guarantees. So, to know everything about a breeder, ask them the following questions. Reliable and loving breeders will be able to answer you.

  • How many litters do you have annually?

Knowing the number of litters a cat breeder has annually gives you a clue about the parents’ health. If a breeder breeds more than 2 or 3 times a year, it is better to avoid them.

  • When do you retire your Queens?

A healthy breeder will usually retire their Queens at age 5 or 6 and get them spayed to give them a better life. So, you must ask this question to know whether the breeder cares for the fur babies or is just using them.

  • What genetic disorders could the breed have?

Many cat breeds suffer from genetic problems and are born with them. A reliable breeder will be open about the information and try to provide all the information.

  • Do you provide any kind of health examinations?

Kittens need to be examined by a licensed veterinarian for any genetic disorders. It helps breeders avoid disorder carriers in the bloodline and give you the best kittens. However, some breeders only perform Embark Tests, which isn’t enough. So, look out!

  • Do you vaccinate and deworm kittens before rehoming? Do you take them to the veterinary clinic for check-ups?

Medical records are vital to know from a breeder, so you can check if your kitten is healthy. Your breeder must provide at least two sets of vaccines and deworm the kittens.

Moreover, make sure your breeder doesn’t provide vaccines on their own. This increases the risk of your kitten having numerous health conditions. On the other hand, they are reliable if your breeder takes the kittens to the vet for vaccines and other medical check-ups.

  • Has any of the kittens in the litter fallen ill?

A reliable breeder will be transparent with you and let you know if any kitten is sick. It also helps you decide whether to get a kitten from that litter. However, one little kitty falling sick doesn’t mean all of them will.

  • Do you provide Health Guarantees? Do you have a breeder’s contract? What is in it?

The above questions are essential to ask to know if the breeder will be liable for the kitten’s health issues after you take them home. Health Guarantees also give you a sense of commitment and reliability of the breeder.

You should follow up on whether the breeder has any contract. Usually, breeders are obligated to be transparent about their contracts. So, ask for the contract and read it thoroughly to avoid inconveniences.

  • Are you registered with any Cat Clubs?

Reliable cat breeders will always be verified or registered with different national or international cat clubs, such as TICA, CFA, etc. Therefore, knowing if the breeder is registered helps you determine if they are responsible.

  • Can I see the Queen and Stud of the litter?

Seeing the kitten’s parents help you understand how they were bred, and you get an idea about their health. However, if the breeder refuses to show you in person, ask them for the breeding place and the parents’ picture.

  • How have you socialized the kittens?

Socializing with other humans and animals is important for kittens. It helps them develop personalities and be social. Then the kittens can adapt to new environments and people easily. So, ask the breeder for this information.

  • What is the kitten’s diet?

Knowing the kitten’s diet will help you prepare better when bringing them to their “furover” home. Many kittens get gastrointestinal issues when their diet changes suddenly, so knowing it will make the transition easier.

What Cat Breed is Right for Me?

You are now ready to get a cat, but you stop to think if the cat breed you want is right for you. This is normal with many new cat owners as they have no experience with cats yet.

Every cat breed is different, and they have their own personalities and traits that make them stand out. Some adorable breeds may not be suitable for your lifestyle, so you must research beforehand.

So, here are some points to help you decide on a cat breed.

  • Persian cat breeds are perfect for people who love peace and quiet; this breed is calmer, and their cute meows are also not loud.
  • Maine Coons, American Shorthairs, Norwegians, and Ragdolls are the most social cat breed. They are perfect for a big family with other animals.
  • Siamese cats are known for their loving and affectionate nature. If you truly want to feel a cat’s love, this breed is for you!
  • Get a Bengal, Sphynx, or Siberian if you want an active cat. These breeds are athletic, energetic, and curious. Moreover, you can teach them various tricks easily.
  • Pixie Bobcats are perfect for people who love entertainment and want to be amused by their pets. This breed is very active, affectionate, and playful.

There are multiple adorable cat breeds, and you will instantly fall in love with one someday. So, do your research and find your cat breed match!

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Reliable cat breeders in Texas are very helpful and will try to give you the best life experience when buying a kitten. The ten cat breeders we chose are popular among Texans for their transparency, service, kittens, and cats.

However, you can never go wrong by researching again to know more about the breeders. You may even find a suitable cat breed through it!

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