16 Common Birds in Maryland To Check Out

Common Birds in Maryland

Maryland is blessed with a huge chunk of birds all year round. Whether it’s summer, winter, or any weather, thousands of birds roam around. Hence, with all the details, we have created a list of 16 common birds in Maryland.

Birds like Northern Cardinal, Gray Catbird, and European Starling are one of the most common backyard birds in Maryland. But, apart from these three birds, you could check out Carolina Chickadee and Dark-eyed Junco for the winter session. Most of them are common across the year and relatively easy to spot.

Now, let’s talk about the common birds in Maryland. You will most likely see these birds on your back in Maryland.

1. Northern Cardinal

First off comes the Northern Cardinal, an all-year-round bird. So you can see them in both the summer and winter seasons. They are common, and with a little effort, you could also see them in your backyard as well.

Going onto their colors, they have bright red bodies. Moreover, they have highlighting beaks as well. Talking more about their diet, they mostly eat insects, fruits and vegetable leaves, and others. All in all, it’s one of the most known birds you could ever think of in Maryland.

2. White-throated Sparrow

If you want to see birds, the White-throated Sparrow is the best option. Because they are mainly seen in winter due to their migratory behavior. Moreover, spotting birds is a lot easier as they have a unique look.

Talking about their body, they have bright-colored throats. The upper body contains darker feathers, and the rest have light-colored feathers. The diet of the mentioned birds is insects, vegetables, crops, seeds, and fruits as well. 

3. Gray Catbird

You could see the Gray Catbird in the May to October session. At other times, they are less visible and have gone to other parts of the country. The appearance of the birds is like they have a darker ash color all over their body. Plus, they contain a black cap on their head as well.

They fly to different places to adjust to the current session. But few of their bird groups stay within a specific area and don’t travel often. The Gray Catbird loves to eat fruit all the time. Anyone who wants to have them backward can place fruit or fruit trees. 

4. Downy Woodpecker

The Downy Woodpecker is one of the most common woodpeckers in Maryland that you can always see. As we know, the bird doesn’t migrate to other places and always stays in Maryland. The bird has a unique appearance which makes it easy to spot. They have clear distinctions between their male and female counterparts.

You would see white spots in the wings of a downy woodpecker. Plus, its upper body contains dark feathers. The lower body mostly stays white colored. The head has a unique white line, giving it a few stylish dahs. Moreover, only the male birds contain red spots on their head.

5. European Starling

When it comes to the European Starling, they are one of the obvious bird species. They are a bit aggressive kind of bird which is most likely to overtake your feeder. Moreover, they don’t travel much across large areas of land. The majority of them attack other birds’ nests and make it home.

The European Starling has a yellow beak on them and feet visible from a long distance. They have block-colored heads and eyes. Depending upon the light angle the iridescent-colored wing can create different colors.

6. Red-bellied Woodpecker

Among the most common birds in Maryland, the Red-bellied Woodpecker ranks top. They are seen in nature all year. In both summer and winter, the viewing percentage is quite the same. The bird is medium-sized and flies, stretching its wings fully when needed. 

When it comes to appearance, the bird has an entirely white colored belly. At the head part, it has a red/orange cap. The male counterpart has a thicker orangy cap at the head. On the wing, the bird consists of a smaller white dot within a specific distance. 

7. Mourning Dove

If you could have a walk around in the morning you are most likely to see a Mourning Dove. They are common birds and can be seen sitting on electric posts, in empty gardens, and in feeding areas. You could see them in the summertime. In winter they have a lesser viewing percentage.

They are mostly gray and have a long tail at the back. Plus, they contain black colored spots at the edge of their tails. When it comes to food, they eat mixed seeds spread across the ground. As they prefer to eat from the ground, make sure to spread your seeds to attract them easily.

8. American Robin

The American Robin bird is a summertime bird and is less seen in the winter season. It’s a permanent bird in Maryland and stays in its area all year around. In the mating season, you will most likely see them. Plus, in the empathy fields, they love to roam around and find food. 

The bird has a yellow beak and a brownish belly. The rest of the body parts like the wing, tail, and legs are completely black colored. The American Robin loves to eat earthworms and similar kinds of creatures. But they also consume fruits and other insects from time to time.

9. Carolina Wren

Even though the Carolina Wren is among the common birds, they are hard to spot. Because of their hiding nature, they are less seen. You could find them hiding behind any brush or a forest environment. Meanwhile, they are most visible in summer and less active in winter. 

The bird has a brown upper body with a white stripe at top of the eye. Their beaks are singly curved and have long tails at the back. The legs are pink colored and have a belly of yellowish-white color. The bird eats sunflower seeds, peanut hearts, and similar kinds of seeds.

10. American Goldfinch

When it comes to all-year-round common birds in Maryland, the American Goldfinch is among the top. They are easily recognizable by the bright yellowish color of males. On the other hand, the female counterpart has a bit darker brownish color all over the body.

The bird is seen in both summer and winter. Meanwhile, you are most likely to spot them in their mating session. Alongside it, they love to roam on corps fields of sunflowers and others. But, sometimes they are seen in urban areas with gardens and vegetation. 

11. American Crow

We can’t leave out the American Crow when going over the most common blackbirds in Maryland. They have their signature black color all over the body. Their call consists of a general crow sound and is easily detectable as well. They are common across the summer and winter seasons as well.

Their diet is diverse, containing seeds, fruits, insects, meat, vegetables, and so on. Plus, they are seen both in gardens and townships as well. But at the same time, be a bit decent while attracting them because they can create harsh noises.

12. Carolina Chickadee

When you feel a bit lonely in winter, attracting Carolina Chickadee can be a fun thing. Cause, they are seen in winter and easily get attracted to seeds. They love to eat peanuts, nyjer seeds, and sunflower seeds. 

Coming from their appearance, they have a white belly with the rest of the body black colored. They have black caps and light-black colored wings. The tail comes with the same color as the wing and it’s a bit long.

13. Dark-eyed Junco

The Dark-eyed Junco is one of the amazing-looking birds common in Maryland. Usually, they are visible in winter and live in other places in summer. The bird has a white body at the belly and an ash color at the upper body. Plus, they have smaller beaks with dark brown color. 

The bird is seen in its surrounding areas of Maryland as well. They are also seen in wide fields, gardens, and forestry areas as well. To attract them, you could buy out mixed seeds and put them on the ground. They prefer to eat from the ground than other birds.

14. Red-winged Blackbird

When looking for easily identifiable birds, then Red-winged Blackbird would be the best. They have orange and reddish patches at the top of their wings. Other than that, they have all black bodies. Their male counterparts have brighter colors, and females have rather dull pigments. 

The bird is mostly seen in the summertime and rarely seen in winter. Not all of them migrate, but a small portion travels around. You could find them on the streets, lamp posts, and garden areas. You could attract them out with quality seeds and with general feeders.

15. Common Grackle

The Common Grackle is a summertime bird that also migrates to other places as well. Even though the name has Common, its number has been declining recently. They love to group around and eat in a specific place. Meanwhile, they like to make noises as well.

You should be watchful while attracting them. Because they also target dustbins and easily can make litter around. Plus, you could see them in all ranges of landscape as well. Sometimes you may find them in the township as well. Like other birds, they eat grains and seeds altogether.

16. Barn Swallow

Spotting a Barn Swallow might be hard, but they are common in Maryland overall. To be specific, they are visible from March to September, and you could attract them. They are seen in the summertime and also travel around surrounding places.

Going onto its appearance, it has a black upper body. Plus, the lower body has a white-colored belly. They are comparatively small-sized birds and smart to fly to different places. They also have brown areas around its beak as well. 
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That’s our roundup of the common birds in Maryland that you should attract. But at the same time, be a bit careful calling some birds. Because some of them are a bit noisy and easily disturbing. Before attracting these birds make sure to cover your dustbin areas as well.

Apart from the mentioned birds, you could also find other birds as well. For example, Pileated Woodpecker, Eastern Towhee, and Song Sparrow are great birds to check out. 

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Below are the questions you should get into.

What are the small birds in Maryland?

Among the small birds in Maryland, the House finch, House sparrow, and Common grackle come first. They are small in size and you could see them out depending on their nature. Check out their migratory sessions and what they love to eat. Put them in the feeder and try to attract them out.

What are the best winter birds in Maryland?

House sparrows, American Goldfinch, and House finch are the best winter birds in Maryland. When you are bored and have some leisure time, you could attract them. As with attracting any other birds, make sure to research their diet and nature.

What is Maryland state bird?

The Baltimore oriole is the national bird of Maryland. They have bright yellow lower bodies and black upper bodies. Plus, they have dark gray beaks and legs. It’s a migratory bird that moves around places depending upon its migratory seasons.

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