Hippo vs Bear: Who Do You Think Would Win a Battle?

Hippo vs Bear

The hippopotamus is one of the most terrifying beasts to mankind and other animals.

Somewhere over 500 to 3000 people each year are killed by hippos in Africa. These beasts are so big and deadly that one bite would be enough to kill a person. 

Bears, on the other hand, are also fierce animals. Bears are presented as charming and cuddly, yet they are skilled murderers. 

Who do you think would inflict more damage on the other if these two got into a fight? Come on, then, let’s find out.

The Most Dangerous Bears

Bears may not seem to be very dangerous, but their speed is startling, especially when considering that they can go through thick vegetation that would slow down a person or horse significantly.

As bears are short-sighted, they rely heavily on their sense of smell while hunting. Some bears are excellent climbers, and all bears are powerful swimmers. Bears typically do not make a lot of noise and like to keep to themselves. However, they have been seen to growl when confronted with food, when challenged by another bear or by people, or while fighting for mates.

Bears are very aggressive and will not think twice about attacking any living creature, even people. Even though bear populations are decreasing, encountering one is still very dangerous. Among them, the most dangerous are Polar bears and Grizzly bears

1. Polar Bear

Polar bears are one of the largest bear species you will ever encounter. When standing on all fours, they may reach a height of almost 10 feet. Polar bears are known to actively pursue human prey to kill and consume it. That’s why it’s better not to interact with polar bears, cubs, or otherwise. 

Polar bears and people seldom cross paths since the former rarely go into the latter’s harsh weather habitat. Because of their remote locations, polar bears seldom come into contact with people. The biting force of a polar bear is the highest of any bear, at 1200 PSI.

Nevertheless, a growing number of polar bears are venturing south in search of food, which often results in confrontations with humans. Many people are killed in these events because polar bears are top-level predators.

2. Grizzly Bear

brown grizzly bear growling
Image credit: Dennis W Donohue, Shutterstock

Grizzly bears are one of the most aggressive and dangerous species of bear. They can weigh up to 600 pounds and have a total length of 6.5 feet. Due to their size and unsuitable claws, they have a hard time climbing trees. And since they are highly territorial, they will do everything they can to protect their domain. The grizzly bear’s biting force is about 1160 PSI.

Unless they detect danger, grizzly bears are not likely to pursue or attack people. However, they tend to go into places that smell like they could have food.

Grizzly bears’ assaults have increased in frequency in recent years. Despite the fact that the bear issue has long since passed on, grizzly bear mortality rates in the United States continue to rise.

Hippo vs Bear: Who Would Win?

Animal fights may be a lot of fun to imagine, mainly when the combatants are species that usually wouldn’t cross paths, especially when the monsters in question are enormous and dangerous.

Massive animals with great destructive potential are the polar bear and the hippopotamus. So, if these two creatures were to meet up in their respective settings and have a fight to the death, who would emerge victorious?

The hippo is by far the most deadly of Africa’s animal species. They are more harmful than elephants, rhinos, and lions, and they don’t pick and choose who they kill.

They wreck boats, bulldoze everything around them they see as an enemy, and generally mess things up.

They have a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour and a well-deserved reputation for being abrasive. 

Unfortunately, the bear’s skin is far worse than the rest of the problems it faces. A hippo’s thick, resilient skin is up to 30 percent of its whole body mass and measures in at a full 6 centimeters in thickness.

There’s no way a bear could survive the battle! So, The Hippo Wins! 

Polar Bear vs Hippo: Who Do You Think Would Win? 

Let’s look into the backgrounds of these two formidable competitors to see if there’s anything that might affect the battle’s outcome.

CategoryHippo Polar Bear
Length (feet)5-147-10
Lifespan (years)40-5025-30 
DefenseDurable exterior; ferocious aggressiveness, massive buildLarge stature scares animals with a growling, menacing show,  fur and skin so thick they can swim in freezing temperatures

Anatomically and sizing-wise, a polar bear and a hippopotamus couldn’t be more unlike. In general, polar bears may weigh up to 1,300 pounds, reach a height of up to 5 feet at the shoulder, and have a total length of up to 10 feet. 

The hippos are massive, hairless beasts that may grow to 16.5 feet in height and 5.5 feettall at the shoulder. Hippopotamuses average between 1 and 4.5 tons, or 2,200 and 9,900 pounds. They are among the “World’s Heaviest Land Animals” according to their massive frames. 

While there are noticeable distinctions between the polar bear and the hippo, we must go beyond them to determine which is the more dangerous of the two.

The polar bear can only score a few decent hits if the fight takes place on dry ground, but the hippo will have little trouble doing massive damage if it is fought on water. The hippo’s reduced mobility leaves the polar bear with an excellent opportunity to locate and hit several times, most likely with his sensitive teeth due to the hippo’s thick skin.

So we can conclude by saying the hippo has far too many advantages, especially in crucial areas. We can count on hippos as the winners!

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Are Hippos Dangerous? 

Hippopotamuses are among the most dangerous of all terrestrial animals on Earth. An enraged hippo can outrun a person at a rate of 20 miles per hour over short distances, whereas a human can only manage 6-8 mph. About 500 of these massive river horses are slaughtered each year in Africa.

Hippopotamuses, with their biting force of roughly 1820 PSI or nearly 8100 Newtons, have the most substantial bite of any terrestrial mammal.

The vast majority of hippo assaults on people in boats occur in the water. As a result of their aquatic lifestyle, hippos may be challenging to see from above. A human fisherman passing by on a boat may not see the enormous animal lounging nearby. The hippo will charge the boat out of nowhere, often capsizing it. Little can be done to defend someone after entering the water.

Hungry or thirsty hippos may be dangerous to humans because they become more aggressive. This occurs when the animal perceives the person as a threat and acts aggressively against them. What must be stressed is that a hippo would never attack a person for eating it.

This means that humans and other animals should see hippos as potentially dangerous threats.

How to Survive a Hippo Attack? 

A hippo may kill a person in several different ways. It’s not uncommon to get crushed or bitten. If the assault takes place in water, the victim may possibly drown.

In such a scenario, one must exercise the appropriate level of care in order to survive the assault. The following suggestions would be of some assistance.

  • If you see a hippo showing its teeth, you should probably make your escape as quickly as possible.
  • If you have to run, be sure you run in a zigzag manner. Because of their size and weight, hippos have difficulty rapidly changing their direction of travel.
  • If you are on land, you should seek shelter in a structure. Because it is physically impossible to outrun a hippopotamus in a straight line, you should instead attempt to put anything (such as a tree, a rock, or a vehicle) between you and the animal. That ought to buy you some time, during which you may seek sanctuary from their assault.
  • If you find yourself in the water and notice several hippos around, you are strongly urged to change the direction in which you are swimming.


The hippopotamus is just as deadly as the bear. Although it may be entertaining to speculate on who would emerge victorious in a battle among them, you should always attempt to avoid putting yourself in a situation where you must face any of them.

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