Exploring The Fascinating World of Masters of Adaptation: The Great Amphibians!


Curious about Amphibians? Well, who won’t be?

From being an ancient creature to having a magnificent lineage, they certainly have a different kind of aura that just sets the bar. And, you will unintentionally feel drawn toward them. 

That much magical these amphibian creatures are!

Plus, they are also the unsung heroes of our great ecosystems who play a significant role in maintaining the balance. 

So, are you excited to know about these marvelous creatures of nature? As we promise to give you an unforgettable experience. 

Without further ado, let’s begin our adventure:   

Understanding Amphibians

Amphibians are extraordinary creatures that you will either find lurking within the water or maybe basking on nearby rocks. 

In fact, they are mostly known for these dual lifestyles in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. And it is one of their special traits that makes them so different from others. 

They also come in various kinds of shapes and sizes! From the tiny little froglets that can get fitted on your fingertip to the majestic salamanders – the list just goes on!

However, one of the most striking aspects of these creatures is certainly their life cycle. Just to think of it, they really are something when it comes to transformation. 

Take for example, the frog. We all know they start off their lifecycle as tadpoles, afterwards they turn into cute little aquatic larvae with tails who just loves to swim around in water. 

But after the passage of a certain time, they undergo a magical metamorphosis with the sprouted legs and the tail disappearing. Ultimately, turning into our most favorite and charismatic shaped frogs that we all know and love.

Apart from the unique transformation, they are also our environmental superheroes – serving as the active indicators of our ecological health. 

So, what about the amphibians that are predators in nature? 

Well, to your surprise, they also play a great role in maintaining the population balance – eventually contributing to the overall harmony of their habitats.

Characteristics of Amphibians

Like any other creatures, amphibians have unique traits and characteristics that make them different from other species. 

So, in case you aren’t sure about the animal is an amphibian or not, make sure to have a quick go through this list of characteristics:

  • Fertilizing Eggs Externally: One of the coolest things about these creatures is definitely how they fertilize eggs! Unlike most of the animals who lay eggs in water, their eggs are fertilized externally. 

They don’t have to mate before releasing their jelly-like texture eggs. In other words, the male amphibians release their sperm onto the eggs after the female lays them.

  • Grow 4 Legs As An Adult. Amphibians start off their lives as aquatic creatures but as they grow, they go through an incredible transformation. After all, they not only sprout one or two but four legs. Quite surprising, Right! 
  • Cold-blooded. By nature, amphibians are cold-blooded animals. Meaning, their body temperature gets changed automatically with the temperature of the environment. So, even if they are basking in broad sunlight, they will feel all toasty. On the other hand, in case of a chilly day, they will need a cozy area to warm up.
  • Carnivorous Appetite. In terms of appetite, they really are something. And don’t feel shy about it all. From gobbling up insects to small fishes and even other amphibians – they are a true nature’s pest control, who knows very well to keep the bug populations in total check. 
  • Primitive Lungs. While amphibians are great at living both in water and on land, they have primitive lungs that are not efficient like the mammals or birds. However, the good news is that they can absorb a good dose of oxygen through their skin that too while living under the water. Much like having a two-in-one breathing system!
  • Lives on Water and Land. At the very beginning stage, when they are born, they start their life by living under the water. But with each evolution, they begin living on the land. However, whether they live on water or on land, they need a moist environment to survive.
  • Vertebrates. Just like us, every species of amphibians have their backbones, despite their size. At the initial stage, the backbone starts off as cartilage but with time, it gets transformed into a vertebral column while undergoing the metamorphosis. 

Life Cycle of Amphibians 

The life cycle of the amphibians is like a fantastic tale of transformation. From tiny eggs to the adults – each phase has its own story to tell. 

They are as follows:

Egg Stage

It is the very first stage of the life cycle of the amphibians. The female lays eggs in the water or in a moist environment. 

Afterwards, these eggs are usually protected by a jelly-type substance or gelatinous masses. They can be found either in cluster format or even individually, varying from species to species.

Larval Stage

As time passes, these eggs when matured are hatched into larvae. Often called tadpoles, they are like miniature aquatic acrobats who live to swim all day long. 

They primarily feed on aquatic plants and small organisms. And have dedicated gills to breathe underwater and a tail for swimming.


This stage is the most magical one!

Just like a caterpillar transform into a graceful butterfly, these creatures also undergo a unique metamorphosis. The once water-loving larvae start to have lungs and limbs along with the gills and the tails disappearing. 

And with each day, their bodies change and become stronger – mesmerizing everyone. You can compare this stage as the glow-up one for them. Plus, their diet also gets changed as they start transitioning to a more terrestrial lifestyle.

Juvenile Stage

Once the metamorphosis stage is completed, the amphibians enter into the juvenile stage. At this point, they might still resemble the mini-versions of the adult amphibians while still undergoing the growth and maturation. 

Adult Stage 

From delicate eggs to reaching adulthood – it is the very last stage of transition of these great creatures. 

And once they become adults, not only they look marvelous, possess all their species characteristics but are also ready to mate and lay eggs – continuing the great legacy forward.

3 Different Types of Amphibians

From the vibrant-looking frogs to the stunning axolotls, the world of amphibians is full of wonder. 

Here is a list of the three different types of amphibians that will make you believe that they are one of the marvelous creatures in the entire world that is super hard to overlook:


Commonly known as frogs and toads, they are the most diversified groups of the amphibians. From having long hind legs to no tails as adults and becoming well-adapted for jumping – they are indeed the masters of both the aquatic and terrestrial worlds. 

American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeinaus) is one of the great examples of the anuran species found in North America.


Also known as the caecilians, these limbless amphibians spend most of their lives hidden away in the dark and moist habitats of the tropical regions. 

And with their elongated bodies and smooth skin – they look like some massive version of earthworms or snakes. 

Though they may not have legs, but they do have a strong sense of smell and a sharp tiny set of teeth. And most species even have sensory tentacles attached on their heads to help them navigate throughout the entire subterranean world. Congo cecialian (Herpele squalostoma) is an example of the apoda species.


Found in a wide variety of habitats, Urodeles or the tailed amphibians are the true masters of regeneration. For instance, if a predator somehow manages to snag their tail, then they can quickly grow a brand new one. 

Talk about having superpowers!

They usually prefer living in the moist habitats. However, you can find the Salamanders and the newts worldwide, with example such as the axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) living in the greater parts of Mexico.  

List of Amphibians

Cane Toad
Hairy Frog
American Bullfrog
Colorado River Toad
Tiger Salamander
American Green Tree Frog
Golden Poison Frog
Fire Salamander
Common Toad
American Toad
Chinese Giant Salamander
Gray Treefrog
Spring Peeper
Common Frog
African Clawed Frog
Wood Frog
Japanese Giant Salamander
Goliath Frog
Australian Green Tree Frog
Spotted Salamander
Eastern Newt
Agalychnis Callidryas
Purple Frog
Blue Poison Dart Frog
Common Mudpuppy
Alpine Newt
Pacific Tree Frog
Rough-skinned Newt
Cuban Tree Frog
Desert Rain Frog
Northern Leopard Frog
Panamanian Golden Frog
Smooth Newt
Pickerel Frog
Strawberry Poison-dart Frog
Lithobates Clamitans

Cane Toad
Hairy Frog
American Bullfrog
Colorado River Toad
Tiger Salamander
American Green Tree Frog
Golden Poison Frog
Fire Salamander
Common Toad
American Toad
Chinese Giant Salamander
Gray Treefrog
Spring Peeper
Common Frog
African Clawed Frog
Wood Frog
Japanese Giant Salamander
Goliath Frog
Australian Green Tree Frog
Spotted Salamander
Eastern Newt
Agalychnis Callidryas
Purple Frog
Blue Poison Dart Frog
Common Mudpuppy
Alpine Newt
Pacific Tree Frog
Rough-skinned Newt
Cuban Tree Frog
Desert Rain Frog
Northern Leopard Frog
Panamanian Golden Frog
Smooth Newt
Pickerel Frog
Strawberry Poison-dart Frog
Lithobates Clamitans
Wyoming Toad
Phyllomedusa Bicolor
Blue-spotted Salamander
Paedophryne Amauensis
Common Coquí
California Newt
South China Giant Salamander
Northern Crested Newt
Edible Frog
Western Toad
Kihansi Spray Toad
Two-toed Amphiuma
Common Tree Frog
Hoplobatrachus Tigerinus
Yellow-banded Poison Dart Frog
European Tree Frog
Southern Leopard Frog
Barred Tiger Salamander
Woodhouse’s Toad
Red-backed Salamander
Natterjack Toad
Argentine Horned Frog
Pseudis Paradoxa
Green And Black Poison Dart Frog
Southern Toad
Duttaphrynus Melanostictus
California Red-legged Frog
Green And Golden Bell Frog
Banded Bullfrog
Anaxyrus Fowleri
Limnodynastes Dumerilii
Darwin’s Frog
Crab-eating Frog
Western Chorus Frog
Iberian Ribbed Newt
Long-toed Salamander
European Green Toad
Wallace’s Flying Frog
Marsh Frog
Marbled Salamander
Common Reed Frog
Greater Siren
Texas Toad
Southern Brown Tree Frog
Pool Frog
California Tiger Salamander
Texas Blind Salamander
California Slender Salamander
Northern Cricket Frog
Plateau Tiger Salamander
White-lipped Tree Frog
European Fire-bellied Toad
Gulf Coast Toad
Palmate Newt
Northern Green Frog
Moor Frog
Dyeing Poison Dart Frog
Alpine Salamander
Mission Golden-eyed Tree Frog
Japanese Fire Belly Newt
Jefferson Salamander
Northern Red-legged Frog
Siphonops Annulatus
Squirrel Tree Frog
Malabar Gliding Frog
Magnificent Tree Frog
Lesser Siren
Canadian Toad
Agalychnis Lemur
Striped Marsh Frog
Peron’s Tree Frog
Cranwell’s Horned Frog
Northwestern Salamander
Yellow-bellied Toad
Pig Frog
Leaf Green Tree Frog
Corythomantis Greeningi
Gastrophryne Carolinensis
Northern Slimy Salamander
Hula Painted Frog
Surinam Horned Frog
Boreal Chorus Frog
Columbia Spotted Frog
Atelopus Varius
Ichthyophis Glutinosus
Phyllomedusa Sauvagii
Japanese Tree Frog
Great Plains Toad
Agile Frog
Red-bellied Newt
Motorbike Frog
Oak Toad
Chinese Fire Belly Newt
Oriental Fire-bellied Toad
Amphiuma Tridactylum
Golden Mantella
Growling Grass Frog
Dermophis Mexicanus
Bird-voiced Tree Frog
Red-spotted Toad
Pine Barrens Tree Frog
Hymenochirus Boettgeri
Marbled Newt
California Giant Salamander
Mexican Burrowing Toad
Phantasmal Poison Frog
Oregon Spotted Frog
Mountain Yellow-legged Frog
Long-nosed Horned Frog
Dryophytes Gratiosus
Scaphiopus Holbrookii
Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog
Neurergus Kaiseri
Asiatic Toad
Houston Toad
Boreal Toad
Japanese Common Toad
Mimic Poison Frog
Common Midwife Toad
Nymphargus Grandisonae
African Giant Toad
Ambystoma Talpoideum
Crucifix Toad
Cruziohyla Craspedopus
Couch’s Spadefoot Toad
Holdridge’s Toad
Granular Poison Frog
Cope’s Gray Treefrog
Fejervarya Limnocharis
Scaphiophryne Gottlebei
Harlequin Poison Frog
Lake Patzcuaro Salamander
Polypedates Maculatus
Arboreal Salamander
Arroyo Toad
Anderson’s Salamander
Four-toed Salamander
Majorcan Midwife Toad
Ranoidea Platycephala
Black Toad
New Mexico Spadefoot Toad
Spotted Grass Frog
Red Hills Salamander
Sclerophrys Regularis
Hyalinobatrachium Fleischmanni
Tylototriton Verrucosus
Tennessee Cave Salamander
California Tree Frog
Salamandrella Keyserlingii
Mink Frog
Pine Woods Tree Frog
Pelobates Fuscus
Oreophrynella Nigra
Uperodon Taprobanicus
Phyllobates Bicolor
Euphlyctis Cyanophlyctis
Common Eastern Froglet
Typhlonectes Natans
Archey’s Frog
Danube Crested Newt
Bicolored Frog
Polka-dot Tree Frog
Plains Spadefoot Toad
Small-mouth Salamander
Dendropsophus Ebraccatus
Striped Burrowing Frog
Hochstetter’s Frog
Marbled Reed Frog
Boophis Fayi
Western Leopard Toad
Cochranella Nola
Incilius Nebulifer
Ranoidea Chloris
Italian Crested Newt
Hamilton’s Frog
Tylototriton Shanjing
Near Eastern Fire Salamander
Giant Burrowing Frog
Tusked Frog
Lehmann’s Poison Frog
Spea Hammondii
Gliding Tree Frog
Sierra Newt
Puerto Rican Crested Toad
Caecilia Thompsoni
Plains Leopard Frog
Barton Springs Salamander
Bruno’s Casque-headed Frog
Pelophylax Nigromaculatus
Indian Burrowing Frog
Canyon Tree Frog
Eleutherodactylus Cystignathoides
Malabar Tree Toad
Euphlyctis Hexadactylus
Upland Chorus Frog
Boulengerula Taitana
Amphiuma Pholeter
Anthony’s Poison Arrow Frog
Anaxyrus Debilis
Paramesotriton Labiatus
Guttural Toad
Maud Island Frog
Monte Iberia Eleuth
Phyllobates Aurotaenia
Desert Tree Frog
Golden Coquí
Arizona Toad
Ranger’s Toad
Whistling Tree Frog
Gastrotheca Andaquiensis
Rio Grande Leopard Frog
Physalaemus Nattereri
African Red Toad
Foothill Yellow-legged Frog
Hymenochirus Curtipes
Golfodulcean Poison Frog
Mediterranean Tree Frog
Yosemite Toad
Bornean Flat-headed Frog
Frosted Flatwoods Salamander
Morelet’s Tree Frog
Anderson’s Crocodile Newt
Romer’s Tree Frog
Atelopus Longirostris
Little Grass Frog
Dainty Green Tree Frog
Ozark Hellbender
Baw Baw Frog
Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog
Hida Salamander
Crawfish Frog
Arum Frog
Vegas Valley Leopard Frog
Adelphobates Galactonotus
Pumpkin Toadlet
Panama Cross-banded Tree Frog
Southern Cricket Frog
Apennine Yellow-bellied Toad
Striped Rocket Frog
Common Mexican Tree Frog
Anomaloglossus Beebei
Tyler’s Tree Frog
Rosenberg’s Tree Frog
Hyla Savignyi
Gulf Coast Waterdog
Oreophrynella Quelchii
Armoured Frog
Leptobrachium Boringii
Spectacled Salamander
Ameerega Trivittata
Barbourula Busuangensis
Salmon-striped Frog
Cheat Mountain Salamander
Phrynoidis Asper
Pouched Frog
Arabian Toad
Microhyla Ornata
Orange-thighed Frog
Atelopus Ignescens
Gastrophryne Olivacea
Striped Newt
Smooth-sided Toad
Streamside Salamander
Plethodontohyla Mihanika
Duttaphrynus Stomaticus
Fungoid Frog
Notophthalmus Meridionalis
Wehrle’s Salamander
Theloderma Asperum
Alabama Waterdog
Ornate Burrowing Frog
Sword-tail Newt
Oedipina Complex
Leptopelis Vermiculatus
Xenohyla Truncata
Corsican Fire Salamander
Polypedates Megacephalus
Southern Red-backed Salamander
Eurycea Neotenes
Indirana Semipalmata
Cochranella Granulosa
Duttaphrynus Himalayanus
Bleating Tree Frog
Chinese Warty Newt
Hyla Annectans
Duttaphrynus Beddomii
Gold-striped Salamander
Philippine Toad
Hyalinobatrachium Valerioi
Giant Barred Frog
Spencer’s Burrowing Frog
Western Redback Salamander
Typhlonectes Compressicauda
Jamaican Laughing Frog
Italian Tree Frog
Bufo Bankorensis
Mountain Chorus Frog
Carpathian Newt
Phrynomedusa Fimbriata
Ringed Salamander
Yellow-spotted Salamander
Rhinella Diptycha
Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander
Pyrenean Brook Salamander
Southern Banded Newt
Mongolian Toad
Splendid Poison Frog
Natal Forest Tree Frog
Raorchestes Resplendens
Jahn’s Tree Frog
North African Fire Salamander
Bombina Maxima
Hong Kong Warty Newt
Colombian Four-eyed Frog
Green-eyed Treefrog
Raorchestes Chalazodes
Bromeliad Tree Frog
Starry Night Toad
Atelopus Certus
Powdered Glass Frog
Lanza’s Alpine Salamander
Atelopus Balios
Japanese Wrinkled Frog
Kajika Frog
Siphonops Paulensis
Hoplobatrachus Crassus
Rose’s Ghost Frog
Red-cheeked Salamander
Nile Delta Toad
Blue Mountains Tree Frog
Allobates Femoralis
Rana Amurensis
Agalychnis Dacnicolor
Bombina Microdeladigitora
Southern Chorus Frog
Iberian Midwife Toad
Antilles Coqui
Nymphargus Bejaranoi
Berber Toad
Phlyctimantis Maculatus
Dwarf Waterdog
Triprion Spinosus
Ansonia Latidisca
Pelobates Cultripes
Red-crowned Toadlet
Litoria Castanea
Kaloula Baleata
Brazil-nut Poison Frog
Waterfall Frog
Italian Newt
Columbia Torrent Salamander
Schistometopum Thomense
Florida Bog Frog
Atelopus Limosus
Oscaecilia Ochrocephala
Pithecopus Hypochondrialis
Phyllomedusa Burmeisteri
Great Barred Frog
Indosylvirana Aurantiaca
Dendropsophus Microcephalus
Yellow-striped Poison Frog
Isthmohyla Rivularis
Locust Coqui
Uperodon Systoma
Pickersgill’s Reed Frog
New England Tree Frog
Neuse River Waterdog
Caucasian Salamander
Dwarf Salamander
Centrolene Robledoi
Espadarana Prosoblepon
Eleutherodactylus Marnockii
Uluguru Forest Tree Frog
Callimedusa Tomopterna
Allobates Chalcopis
Red-tailed Knobby Newt
Hyalinobatrachium Ruedai
Micro Frog
Pygmy Salamander
Bleeding Toad
Geotrypetes Seraphini
Emerald-eyed Tree Frog
Ingerana Charlesdarwini
Ranoidea Wilcoxii
Forrer’s Grass Frog
Neurergus Crocatus
Neurergus Derjugini
Rhinella Icterica
Moaning Frog
Blomberg’s Toad
Gray’s Stream Frog
Van Dyke’s Salamander
Rana Temporaria Temporaria
Ichthyophis Beddomei
Roth’s Tree Frog
Bibron’s Toadlet
Uperodon Globulosus
Ommatotriton Ophryticus
Taylor’s Salamander
Atelopus Ebenoides
Rentapia Hosii
Hylarana Latouchii
Clouded Salamander
Phrynoidis Juxtasper
Spanish Painted Frog
Kassina Senegalensis
Dybowski’s Frog
Common Parsley Frog
Telmatobius Macrostomus
Atelopus Chiriquiensis
Zhangixalus Schlegelii
Levant Water Frog
Osgood’s Ethiopian Toad
Caecilia Pachynema
Sachatamia Ilex
Dryophytes Eximius
Heterixalus Alboguttatus
Lowland Burrowing Tree Frog
Boreal Digging Frog
Chuxiong Fire-bellied Newt
Megophrys Montana
Ranitomeya Vanzolinii
Wallum Sedge Frog
Southern Crested Newt
Pearson’s Green Tree Frog
White-black Tree Frog
Western Slimy Salamander
Pristimantis Jamescameroni
Indirana Gundia
Northern Dwarf Siren
Sardinian Brook Salamander
Stefania Riae
Red-backed Toadlet
Bumpy Rocket Frog
Northern Dwarf Tree Frog
Lepidobatrachus Asper
Hyalinobatrachium Colymbiphyllum
Micrixalus Kottigeharensis
Yonahlossee Salamander
Leptobrachium Hasseltii
Wright’s Mountain Tree Frog
Southern Leaf Green Tree Frog
Caecilia Tentaculata
Japanese Stream Toad
Rocky Mountain Toad
Triprion Petasatus
Marañón Poison Frog
Scinax Ruber
Japanese Black Salamander
Brown Banana Frog
Northern Banjo Frog
Sand Toad
Southern Dwarf Siren
Broad-palmed Frog
Allobates Zaparo
Prostherapis Dunni
Seoul Frog
South American Common Toad
Gardiner’s Seychelles Frog
Rhaebo Haematiticus
Italian Agile Frog
Microcaecilia Unicolor
Incilius Coniferus
Afrixalus Fornasini
Centrolene Azulae
Rhinella Arenarum
Desmognathus Auriculatus
Cochranella Euknemos
Cave-dwelling Frog
Bufo Scorteccii
New Granada Cross-banded Tree Frog
Atelopus Franciscus
Southern Marbled Newt
Indosylvirana Temporalis
Leptodactylus Fragilis
Amargosa Toad
Common Chinese Tree Frog
Oophaga Sylvatica
Hyperolius Pusillus
Korean Crevice Salamander
Pacific Horned Frog
Ameerega Bilinguis
Microhyla Pulchra
Imbabura Tree Frog
Fleay’s Barred Frog
Hyperolius Thomensis
Platymantis Vitiensis
Black-bellied Slender Salamander
Korean Salamander
Polypedates Macrotis
Sky-blue Poison Frog
Centrolene Guanacarum
Stuttering Frog
Microhyla Heymonsi
Blue-sided Leaf Frog
Bosca’s Newt
Blue-bellied Poison Frog
Centrolene Petrophilum
Atelopus Spumarius
Balkan Frog
Dendropsophus Leucophyllatus
Ornate Chorus Frog
Atelopus Nahumae
Centrolene Quindianum
Red-headed Poison Frog
Laos Warty Newt
Small Frog
Korean Water Toad
Herpele Squalostoma
Pseudoeurycea Aquatica
Aromobates Nocturnus
Sardinian Tree Frog
Tasmanian Tree Frog
Adelphobates Quinquevittatus
Booroolong Frog
Concave-eared Torrent Frog
Indirana Beddomii
Veined Tree Frog
Pleurodeles Poireti
Yellow-bellied Poison Frog
Italian Edible Frog
Australian Lace-lid
Slender Tree Frog
Atelopus Mindoensis
Red Tree Frog
Polypedates Cruciger
Abe’s Salamander
Tam Dao Salamander
Eungella Torrent Frog
Black-spotted Sticky Frog
Sonoran Green Toad
African Foam-nest Tree Frog
Blunt-headed Salamander
Canal Zone Tree Frog
Mabee’s Salamander
Gymnopis Multiplicata
Web-footed Coquí
Alytes Maurus
Dhofar Toad
Neurergus Strauchii
Sira Poison Dart Frog
Minyobates Steyermarki
Ichthyophis Mindanaoensis
Hallowell’s Tree Frog
Polkadot Poison Frog
Iberian Painted Frog
Painted Burrowing Frog
Vicente’s Poison Frog
Heterixalus Madagascariensis
Rhinella Proboscidea
Bufotes Surdus
Ichthyophis Longicephalus
Spencer’s River Tree Frog
Telmatobufo Bullocki
Sandhill Frog
Wallum Froglet
Knysna Banana Frog
Sudell’s Frog
Franky’s Narrow-mouthed Frog
Mannophryne Trinitatis
Bufotes Latastii
Scarlet Harlequin Toad
Amatola Toad
Discoglossus Scovazzi
Lake Lerma Salamander
Ezo Salamander
Hynobius Formosanus
Ghatophryne Ornata
Adenomera Andreae
Odorrana Livida
Hyperolius Argus
Dahl’s Aquatic Frog
Caecilia Abitaguae
Chinhai Spiny Newt
Algerian Ribbed Newt
Boulengerula Niedeni
Eastern Sign-bearing Froglet
Spotted Chorus Frog
Scaphiophryne Marmorata
Hispaniolan Common Tree Frog
Colostethus Ruthveni
Haswell’s Frog
Allobates Talamancae
Eleutherodactylus Juanariveroi
Uperodon Variegatus
Lesueur’s Frog
Chinese Salamander
Hong Kong Cascade Frog
Triprion Spatulatus
Colostethus Poecilonotus
Marbled Frog
San Marcos Salamander
Peru Poison Frog
Ranoidea Australis
Louisiana Slimy Salamander
Corsican Brook Salamander
Strecker’s Chorus Frog
Coastal Range Newt
Dendropsophus Stingi
Spotless Tree Toad
Ameerega Hahneli
Andinobates Virolinensis
Spotted Paddle-tail Newt
Amolops Formosus
Lovely Poison Frog
Pristimantis Attenboroughi
Delicate-skinned Salamander
Guajira Stubfoot Toad
Bufotes Pewzowi
Raorchestes Shillongensis
Diasporus Diastema
Phrynomantis Microps
Green-thighed Frog
Tasmanian Froglet
Hispaniolan Yellow Tree Frog
Raorchestes Chlorosomma
Telmatobufo Venustus
Silverstoneia Flotator
Leptopelis Kivuensis
Eleutherodactylus Amadeus
Yellow-peppered Salamander
Uraeotyphlus Oxyurus
African Tree Toad
Valdina Farms Salamander
Littlejohn’s Tree Frog
Spotted-thighed Tree Frog
Dendropsophus Marmoratus
Eastern Golden Frog
Caecilia Nigricans
Hurter’s Spadefoot Toad
Marbled Snout-burrower
Puerto Hondo Stream Salamander
Seychelles Frog
Zakerana Syhadrensis
Mountain Stream Tree Frog
Microhyla Achatina
Colostethus Panamansis
Caucasian Toad
Adenomus Kandianus
Glyphoglossus Guttulatus
Microhyla Berdmorei
Teratohyla Spinosa
Onychodactylus Fischeri
Cameroon Forest Tree Frog
Geocrinia Alba
Fejervarya Vittigera
Seychelles Palm Frog
Ansonia Mcgregori
Agalychnis Saltator
Adenomus Kelaartii
Long-thumbed Frog
Luschan’s Salamander
Lyciasalamandra Helverseni
Afrixalus Delicatus
Duttaphrynus Scaber
Freycinet’s Frog
Conraua Robusta
Ichthyophis Hypocyaneus
Crested Toad
Cave Squeaker
Mimic Tree Frog
Atelopus Cruciger
Hispaniolan Giant Tree Frog
Ingerophrynus Quadriporcatus
Scutiger Boulengeri
Mexican Narrow-mouthed Toad
Whistling Coqui
Hose’s Frog
Tarahumara Salamander
Brazilian Slender-legged Tree Frog
Rhinella Jimi
Annam Tree Frog
Jervis Bay Tree Frog
Jamaican Snoring Frog
Megophrys Parva
Anomaloglossus Roraima
Hyperolius Ocellatus
Leptopelis Flavomaculatus
Microhyla Sholigari
Raorchestes Silentvalley
Leptobrachium Smithi
Sacramento Mountain Salamander
Black-spotted Casque-headed Tree Frog
Nyctibatrachus Major
Nyctixalus Margaritifer
Rhinella Spinulosa
Rusty Tree Frog
Sclerophrys Garmani
Chthonerpeton Indistinctum
Incilius Melanochlorus
Rhinella Granulosa
Betic Midwife Toad
Eleutherodactylus Guttilatus
Sphaenorhynchus Lacteus
Duttaphrynus Valhallae
Oita Salamander
Craugastor Fitzingeri
Sumatra Toad
Amji’s Salamander
Bufo Cryptotympanicus
Silverstoneia Nubicola
Manaus Slender-legged Tree Frog
Bombay Caecilian
Duttaphrynus Kotagamai
Hyperolius Concolor
Ameerega Ingeri
Common Mist Frog
Eastern Leopard Toad
Dusky Toadlet
Incilius Luetkenii
Indirana Leithii
Blacksmith Tree Frog
Phyllomedusa Tarsius
Bufo Tuberculatus
Colostethus Jacobuspetersi
Persian Brook Salamander
Tyrrhenian Painted Frog
Atelopus Laetissimus
Rhinella Atacamensis
Fringed Tree Frog
Yellow-striped Pygmy Eleuth
Xanthophryne Koynayensis
Hyperolius Mitchelli
Centrolene Ballux
Acanthixalus Spinosus
Papurana Daemeli
Bufotes Pseudoraddei
Walkerana Phrynoderma
Duttaphrynus Olivaceus
White-lipped Bright-eyed Frog
Ansonia Muelleri
Fletcher’s Frog
Silverstone’s Poison Frog
Hyalinobatrachium Chirripoi
Megophrys Brachykolos
Duttaphrynus Parietalis
Leptopelis Zebra
Hyalinobatrachium Pellucidum
Ichthyophis Paucisulcus
Nectophrynoides Viviparus
Callulina Dawida
Large-crested Toad
Quasipaa Exilispinosa
Raorchestes Munnarensis
Rhacophorus Calcaneus
La Loma Tree Frog
Map Tree Frog
Tokyo Salamander
Nigeria Banana Frog
Taruga Eques
Bufo Pageoti
Micrixalus Fuscus
Siskiyou Mountains Salamander
Cornufer Heffernani
Ichthyophis Singaporensis
Venezuelan Horned Frog
Dixie Valley Toad
Hyalinobatrachium Aureoguttatum
Hazel’s Forest Frog
Natal Banana Frog
Pseudepidalea Latastii
Uperodon Mormoratus
Atelopus Moropukaqumir
Hynobius Nebulosus
Granular Salamander
Xenopus Boumbaensis
Chikila Fulleri
Atelopus Bomolochos
Andinobates Dorisswansonae
Epipedobates Machalilla
Atelopus Glyphus
Rough Frog
White-lined Leaf Frog
Andinobates Altobueyensis
Hyperolius Tuberilinguis
Phyllomedusa Boliviana
Ghatophryne Rubigina
Central Asiatic Frog
Flat-headed Frog
Breviceps Fichus
Marsabit Clawed Frog
New Holland Frog
Peppered Tree Frog
Uraeotyphlus Menoni
Bufo Aspinius
Hyperolius Fusciventris
Incilius Fastidiosus
Sclerophrys Perreti
Hole-in-the-head Frog
Knocking Sand Frog
Mannophryne Herminae
Hylarana Signata
Ichthyophis Sikkimensis
Microhyla Rubra
Tago’s Brown Frog
Kalophrynus Interlineatus
Spiny Giant Frog
Dixie Cavern Salamander
Koh Tao Island Caecilian
Lyciasalamandra Billae
Phyllomedusa Trinitatis
Atelopus Senex
Platymantis Spelaeus
Leptopelis Macrotis
Troschel’s Tree Frog
Dendropsophus Sarayacuensis
Micryletta Inornata
Pithecopus Ayeaye
Savannah Forest Tree Frog
Palm Forest Tree Frog
Sachatamia Albomaculata
Javelin Frog
Japanese Clawed Salamander
Hyperolius Parallelus
Megophrys Aceras
Pleasing Poison Frog
Limnonectes Megastomias
Raorchestes Akroparallagi
Hynobius Arisanensis
Brachycephalus Pitanga
Incilius Coccifer
Gastrotheca Pacchamama
Ichthyophis Glandulosus
Pelophylax Terentievi
Sclerophrys Maculata
Wrinkled Toadlet
Knife-footed Frog
Southwestern Toad
Zakerana Murthii
Cowan’s Mantella
Leptobrachium Hendricksoni
Acanthixalus Sonjae
Manú Poison Frog
Bush Squeaker
Colostethus Inguinalis
Ameerega Boliviana
Ghatixalus Variabilis
La Brea Poison Frog
Nidirana Adenopleura
Cave Splayfoot Salamander
Kurixalus Naso
Duttaphrynus Hololius
Eleutherodactylus Martinicensis
Kaloula Assamensis
Gaboon Forest Tree Frog
Hynobius Naevius
Osteocephalus Oophagus
Shenandoah Mountain Salamander
Pseudoeurycea Anitae
Atelopus Andinus
Carchi Andes Toad
Scutiger Sikimmensis
Dendropsophus Molitor
Atelopus Coynei
Smooth Toadlet
Megophrys Major
Eneida’s Coquí
Fat Toadlet
Chthonerpeton Perissodus
Brimley’s Chorus Frog
Rhinella Ornata
Scinax Perereca
Bloody Bay Poison Frog
Incilius Campbelli
Minervarya Agricola
Uraeotyphlus Oommeni
Afrixalus Osorioi
Amber-colored Salamander
Uraeotyphlus Interruptus
Black Knobby Newt
Micrixalus Saxicola
Rhinella Humboldti
Cape Mountain Toad
Imienpo Station Frog
Lynch’s Colombian Tree Frog
Phyllomedusa Camba
Rhinella Crucifer
Caecilia Albiventris
Ingerophrynus Parvus
Northern Barred Frog
Seychelles Treefrog
Melanophryniscus Klappenbachi
Elegant Stubfoot Toad
Isthmura Naucampatepetl
Limnonectes Paramacrodon
Surinam Golden-eyed Tree Frog
Hyperolius Riggenbachi
Scanty Frog
Golden Banana Frog
Platymantis Cagayanensis
Huanren Frog
Lyciasalamandra Flavimembris
Heterixalus Rutenbergi
Hynobius Yangi
Nannophryne Variegata
Rhinella Abei
Virgin Islands Coqui
Leptodactylus Mystaceus
Nyctibatrachus Beddomii
Scutiger Nyingchiensis
Phyllomedusa Distincta
Caecilia Volcani
Cuban Spotted Toad
Lithobates Megapoda
Liua Shihi
Oscaecilia Bassleri
White-spotted Tree Frog
Batrachuperus Pinchonii
Dermophis Oaxacae
Hynobius Quelpaertensis
Limnonectes Arathooni
Mountain Mist Frog
Uperodon Montanus
Chaco Tree Frog
Dendropsophus Minutus
Amazophrynella Minuta
Cascade Caverns Salamander
Cooloola Sedge Frog
Phyllomedusa Venusta
Atelopus Peruensis
Salado Springs Salamander
Amolops Himalayanus
Hyperolius Swynnertoni
Hyperolius Nasutus
Pseudophilautus Dimbullae
Wakea Madinika
Centralian Tree Frog
Hynobius Sonani
Ameerega Braccata
Amolops Marmoratus
Gegeneophis Krishni
Zakerana Nepalensis
Atelopus Spurrelli
Atelopus Erythropus
Common Squeaker
Dwarf Coqui
Colostethus Pratti
Dendropsophus Rhodopeplus
Odorrana Supranarina
White-edged Tree Frog
Zakerana Keralensis
Ecnomiohyla Valancifer
Oki Salamander
Rhinella Rostrata
Short-footed Frog
Duttaphrynus Microtympanum
Karoo Toad
Raorchestes Ochlandrae
Montevideo Tree Frog
Hyla Sanchiangensis
Plectrohyla Dasypus
Limnonectes Namiyei
Arthroleptis Nikeae
Atelopus Oxyrhynchus
Dayang Newt
Odaigahara Salamander
Dendropsophus Phlebodes
Peltophryne Fluviatica
Melanophryniscus Montevidensis
Uraeotyphlus Malabaricus
Atelopus Angelito
Bufoides Kempi
Costa Rica Brook Frog
Ichthyophis Garoensis
Rose’s Rain Frog
Uraeotyphlus Narayani
Elachistocleis Bicolor
Cloud Forest Tree Frog
Incilius Aucoinae
Dermophis Parviceps
Euphlyctis Ghoshi
Oscaecilia Polyzona
Angiana Tree Frog
Tylototriton Shanorum
Fejervarya Orissaensis
Amolops Gerbillus
Centrolene Buckleyi
Hakuba Salamander
Indotyphlus Maharashtraensis
Chalcorana Labialis
Leptobrachium Ailaonicum
Centrolene Acanthidiocephalum
Elachistocleis Ovalis
Gegeneophis Madhavai
Multi-coloured Tree Frog
Adenomera Hylaedactyla
Andes Giant Glass Frog
Dermophis Costaricense
Honduran Brook Frog
Amolops Monticola
Dendropsophus Triangulum
Hylarana Nicobariensis
Phyllomedusa Tetraploidea
Rufous-eyed Brook Frog
Boophis Rappiodes
Caecilia Antioquiaensis
Eleutherodactylus Sisyphodemus
Centrolene Heloderma
Main’s Frog
Atelopus Arthuri
Jordan’s Casque-headed Tree Frog
Boophis Bottae
Hyloxalus Edwardsi
Mertensophryne Taitana
Micrixalus Elegans
Oscaecilia Osae
Comal Blind Salamander
Cuban Small-eared Toad
Rhinella Acrolopha
Cochranella Mache
Lyciasalamandra Antalyana
Southern Highland Tree Frog
Venezuelan Yellow Frog
Arthroleptis Adolfifriederici
Caecilia Armata
Uperodon Triangularis
Palawan Toadlet
Pseudophilautus Stellatus
Rhinella Arunco
Nymphargus Anomalus
Spot-legged Poison Frog
Large Toadlet
Blanco Blind Salamander
Grandisonia Alternans
Incilius Ibarrai
Kern Canyon Slender Salamander
Moss Froglet
Microhyla Nilphamariensis
Scinax Quinquefasciatus
Adelophryne Adiastola
Engystomops Petersi
Hyloxalus Anthracinus
Mahogany Tree Frog
Nectophrynoides Tornieri
Zakerana Greenii
Dryophytes Arboricola
Gegeneophis Carnosus
Sphaerotheca Dobsonii
Xenohyla Eugenioi
Bokermannohyla Pseudopseudis
Ameerega Pongoensis
Atelopus Palmatus
Copan Brook Frog
Tehachapi Slender Salamander
Gyrinophilus Palleucus Necturoides
Scinax Staufferi
Sulawesian Toad
Transverse Volcanic Leopard Frog
Atelopus Pachydermus
Caecilia Bokermanni
Caecilia Orientalis
Dermophis Glandulosus
Hyloxalus Borjai
Leptodactylus Laticeps
Centrolene Medemi
Colostethus Agilis
Nymphargus Cochranae
Incilius Mazatlanensis
Tornier’s Frog
Anaxyrus Compactilis
Hyperolius Semidiscus
Polypedates Mutus
Revealed Frog
Indirana Chiravasi
Leptobrachium Abbotti
Merlin’s Dwarf Gray Frog
Hyperolius Nitidulus
Boulengerula Changamwensis
Gegeneophis Ramaswamii
Arthroleptis Poecilonotus
Atelopus Mucubajiensis
Corsican Painted Frog
Ailao Toad
Black-dotted Tree Frog
Lyciasalamandra Fazilae
Glandirana Minima
Nyctibatrachus Minimus
Geotrypetes Angeli
Ichthyophis Sumatranus
Ichthyophis Tricolor
Pelophryne Ingeri
Hyperolius Puncticulatus
Incilius Canaliferus
Leptobrachella Brevicrus
Pseudoeurycea Tlahcuiloh
Scott Bar Salamander
Veragua Cross-banded Tree Frog
Rich Mountain Salamander
Ameerega Ignipedis
Aromobates Molinarii
Caecilia Caribea
Davies’ Tree Frog
Herpele Multiplicata
Pristimantis Altae
Pristimantis Croceoinguinis
Ameerega Pulchripecta
Elegant Frog
Frigate Island Caecilian
Hyalinobatrachium Vireovittatum
Ranitomeya Flavovittata
Allobates Wayuu
Leora’s Stream Salamander
Luetkenotyphlus Insulanus
Peltophryne Peltocephala
Rana Longicrus
Ambystoma Rivulare
Caecilia Gracilis
Sclerophrys Camerunensis
Tandy’s Sand Frog
Bufotes Luristanicus
Ecnomiohyla Echinata
Hyloxalus Awa
Rentapia Everetti
Sclerophrys Poweri
Afrixalus Clarkei
Ichthyophis Elongatus
Nyctimystes Daymani
Philautus Acutirostris
Spinomantis Phantasticus
Schmidtler’s Smooth Newt
Atelopus Petersi
Boulengerula Boulengeri
Eastern Mindanao Frog
Hyloscirtus Tigrinus
Isthmohyla Calypsa
Melanophryniscus Cambaraensis
Ichthyophis Pseudangularis
Peltophryne Guentheri
Uperodon Anamalaiensis
Aromobates Leopardalis
Gymnopis Syntrema
Leptomantis Angulirostris
Zakerana Pierrei
Ichthyophis Weberi
Oreolalax Chuanbeiensis
Scinax Fuscovarius
Shensi Tree Frog
Dendropsophus Bilobatus
Batrachyla Taeniata
Ecnomiohyla Phantasmagoria
Rio Chingual Valley Tree Frog
Scinax X-signatus
Ranoidea Jungguy
Zakerana Teraiensis
Andean Poison Frog
Atelopus Muisca
Nectophrynoides Wendyae
Leptobrachium Bompu
Ansonia Albomaculata
Ichthyophis Atricollaris
Leptopelis Karissimbensis
Northern New Guinea Tree Frog
Atelopus Pulcher
Sachatamia Punctulata
Zakerana Brevipalmata
Chthonerpeton Exile
Treasury Island Tree Frog
Afrixalus Paradorsalis
Bony-headed Toad
Indirana Brachytarsus
Pristimantis Ockendeni
Pristimantis Orcesi
Walker’s Tree Frog
Minervarya Marathi
Hylomantis Aspera
Astylosternus Nganhanus
Basin Tree Frog
Craugastor Andi
Hyperolius Acuticephalus
Incilius Bocourti
La Hotte Bush Frog
Plectrohyla Guatemalensis
Ptychadena Neumanni
Scinax Elaeochroa
Adenomera Diptyx
Hypopachus Pictiventris
Nectophrynoides Poyntoni
Scinax Eurydice
Gunther’s Banded Tree Frog
Hyloxalus Nexipus
Hyperolius Guttulatus
Amolops Mantzorum
Andinobates Claudiae
Lyciasalamandra Atifi
Sclerophrys Kisoloensis
Hokuriku Salamander
Ingerophrynus Macrotis
Pachytriton Inexpectatus
Pseudis Minuta
Gastrophryne Elegans
Gegeneophis Danieli
Ichthyophis Biangularis
Baoruco Hammer Frog
Duttaphrynus Crocus
Leptopelis Spiritusnoctis
Cochranella Riveroi
Amolops Loloensis
Bufo Stuarti
Haddadus Binotatus
Ichthyophis Orthoplicatus
Leptopelis Millsoni
Sarcohyla Celata
Aplastodiscus Albosignatus
Colostethus Alacris
Green Bromeliad Frog
Nanorana Quadranus
Craugastor Laticeps
Almirante Trail Toad
Atelopus Halihelos
Brachycephalus Izecksohni
Cauca Poison Frog
Eleutherodactylus Cuneatus
Frostius Pernambucensis
Telmatobius Espadai
Walkerana Diplosticta
Blue-spotted Mexican Tree Frog
Dendropsophus Bifurcus
Rhinella Roqueana
Atelopus Boulengeri
Leopard Tree Frog
Sequoyah Slimy Salamander
Allobates Conspicuus
Alsodes Pehuenche
Bokermannohyla Alvarengai
Duttaphrynus Atukoralei
Hyperolius Leucotaenius
Limnonectes Microdiscus
Lysapsus Limellum
Rhacophorus Tuberculatus
Epipedobates Espinosai
Incilius Marmoreus
Mjoberg’s Toadlet
Aparasphenodon Venezolanus
Feihyla Palpebralis
Pseudis Bolbodactyla
Atelopus Lynchi
Kassina Fusca
Pelophryne Brevipes
Teratohyla Midas
Vitreorana Ritae
Bufotes Oblongus
Hyperolius Bolifambae
Chthonerpeton Arii
Hynobius Katoi
Hypogeophis Brevis
Nymphargus Rosada
Siphonops Hardyi
Chimerella Mariaelenae
Cryptothylax Greshoffii
Eleutherodactylus Abbotti
Marbled Poison Frog
Rhinella Ceratophrys
Cuban High-crested Toad
Ecnomiohyla Fimbrimembra
Eleutherodactylus Apostates
Incilius Pisinnus
Pleurodema Bibroni
Rhinella Rubropunctata
Atelopus Planispina
Boettger’s Horned Toad
Dendropsophus Koechlini
Western Giant Toad
Craugastor Obesus
Craugastor Xucanebi
Ethiopian Banana Frog
Incilius Porteri
Painted Tree Frog
Tepuihyla Tuberculosa
Ranoidea Vagitus
Bocourt’s Tree Frog
Cayenne Slender-legged Tree Frog
Cornufer Pelewensis
Hyperolius Spinigularis
Ichthyophis Billitonensis
Kassina Cassinoides
Nectophrynoides Cryptus
Polypedates Ranwellai
Ranoidea Longipes
Cochranella Duidaeana
Cryptobatrachus Fuhrmanni
Heterixalus Punctatus
Ichthyophis Monochrous
Atelopus Nanay
Caecilia Guntheri
Centrolene Geckoidea
Dermophis Occidentalis
Hyperolius Cinnamomeoventris
Chirinda Toad
Incilius Epioticus
Silverstoneia Erasmios
Copland’s Rock Frog
Hydrolaetare Dantasi
Hyloxalus Ruizi
Streambank Froglet
Cycloramphus Faustoi
Hell Hollow Slender Salamander
Microhyla Laterite
Alsodes Verrucosus
Colostethus Latinasus
Hyloxalus Abditaurantius
Limnonectes Limborgi
Mannophryne Neblina
Zakerana Rufescens
Ansonia Glandulosa
Craugastor Rhodopis
Duttaphrynus Noellerti
Geocrinia Vitellina
Hyperolius Molleri
Osteocephalus Planiceps
Rhinella Castaneotica
Schistometopum Gregorii
Tyler’s Toadlet
Vitreorana Uranoscopa
Chamula Mountain Brook Frog
Liua Tsinpaensis
Melanophryniscus Atroluteus
Scinax Hayii
Atelopus Chrysocorallus
Isthmohyla Debilis
Marbled Toadlet
Mertensophryne Micranotis
Jobi Tree Frog
Aromobates Alboguttatus
Chiala Mountain Salamander
Dwarf Mexican Tree Frog
Ridged Tree Frog
Highland Tree Frog
Osteocephalus Cabrerai
Allobates Gasconi
Alsodes Australis
Celsiella Vozmedianoi
Hyperolius Dintelmanni
Oreophrynella Macconnelli
Allobates Olfersioides
Amolops Chakrataensis
Ansonia Leptopus
Long-toed Tree Frog
Physalaemus Gracilis
Rhaebo Olallai
Polypedates Iskandari
Subdesert Toad
Atelopus Eusebiodiazi
Atelopus Petriruizi
Hainan Knobby Newt
Rhinella Achalensis
Cochranella Xanthocheridia
Adelophryne Gutturosa
Atelopus Exiguus
Chenggong Fire Belly Newt
Craugastor Stejnegerianus
Craugastor Taurus
Gegeneophis Seshachari
Hildebrandtia Macrotympanum
Leptopelis Calcaratus
Phyllomedusa Iheringii
Pristimantis Sulculus
Pulchrana Baramica
Ansonia Spinulifer
Atelopus Walkeri
Euparkerella Robusta
Heterixalus Betsileo
Hynobius Guabangshanensis
Nicaragua Cross-banded Tree Frog
Oreobates Quixensis
Pseudoeurycea Melanomolga
Raorchestes Bobingeri
Atelopus Guitarraensis
Battersby’s Caecilian
Duttaphrynus Silentvalleyensis
Leptopelis Yaldeni
Microhyla Mihintalei
Rhinella Amabilis
Sphaenorhynchus Planicola
Yellow Bromeliad Frog
Cardioglossa Cyaneospila
Craugastor Megacephalus
Dendropsophus Nanus
Ingerophrynus Divergens
Longdong Stream Salamander
Osteocephalus Buckleyi
Pale Frog
Allobates Picachos
Leptopelis Argenteus
Polypedates Hecticus
Afrixalus Quadrivittatus
Cardioglossa Leucomystax
Demerara Falls Tree Frog
Dendropsophus Branneri
Ecnomiohyla Salvaje
Ecuador Slender-legged Tree Frog
Hyalinobatrachium Orientale
Hyalinobatrachium Pallidum
Leptopelis Parkeri
Agalychnis Buckleyi
Andinobates Viridis
Craugastor Emleni
Hyloxalus Cevallosi
Hyperolius Kivuensis
Incilius Leucomyos
Indirana Longicrus
Lema Tree Frog
Leucostethus Fraterdanieli
Rabor’s Forest Frog
Ansonia Hanitschi
Colostethus Dysprosium
Craugastor Raniformis
Little Mexican Toad
Megophrys Parallela
Atelopus Farci
Atelopus Minutulus
Grandisonia Sechellensis
Luetkenotyphlus Brasiliensis
Nanorana Taihangnica
Pine Toad
Leptopelis Parbocagii
Los Bracitos Tree Frog
Plectrohyla Exquisita
Hyperolius Benguellensis
Chalcorana Eschatia
Allobates Ranoides
Ansonia Longidigita
Arthroleptis Lameerei
Platymantis Mimulus
Aplastodiscus Ehrhardti
Dendropsophus Elegans
Heterixalus Luteostriatus
Hyloxalus Fallax
Hyperolius Balfouri
Ikakogi Tayrona
Leptodactylodon Stevarti
Long-snouted Frog
Osteocephalus Helenae
Scarthyla Goinorum
Strabomantis Bufoniformis
Allobates Alessandroi
Alpine Stream Salamander
Arthroleptis Variabilis
Blue Ridge Dusky Salamander
Incilius Spiculatus
Pseudoeurycea Aurantia
Scinax Squalirostris
Alexteroon Jynx
Cross Toad
Dwarf Squeaker
Hylomantis Granulosa
Mountain Toad
Pseudophilautus Femoralis
Amolops Viridimaculatus
Carolina Mountain Dusky Salamander
Craugastor Rostralis
Rheobates Palmatus
Samkos Bush Frog
Afrixalus Vibekensis
Aromobates Meridensis
Atelopus Sernai
Boophis Brachychir
Cochranella Resplendens
Craugastor Noblei
Craugastor Yucatanensis
Paradise Toad
Pristimantis Cruentus
Relictual Slender Salamander
Rhinella Dorbignyi
Adelophryne Maranguapensis
Bolitoglossa Peruviana
Colostethus Lynchi
Hynobius Yiwuensis
Ichthyophis Dulitensis
Rhinella Bergi
Cayenne Stubfoot Toad
Leptopelis Boulengeri
Meristogenys Kinabaluensis
Pristimantis Serendipitus
Adenomera Bokermanni
Caecilia Inca
Nototriton Lignicola
Plains Brown Tree Frog
Adelophryne Pachydactyla
Hyloxalus Pulchellus
Scinax Boulengeri
Cochranella Geijskesi
Arthroleptis Francei
Caecilia Subterminalis
Chiromantis Petersii
Cornufer Batantae
Kassina Arboricola
Pristimantis Euphronides
San Gabriel Slender Salamander
Craugastor Rhyacobatrachus
Cricket Coqui
Eleutherodactylus Alticola
Pristimantis Caryophyllaceus
Cochranella Euhystrix
Atelopus Seminiferus
Caecilia Corpulenta
Exerodonta Catracha
Hedrick’s Coqui
Scutiger Nepalensis
Tellico Salamander
Turkestanian Salamander
Yule Island Tree Frog
Adelophryne Baturitensis
Bouchia Clawed Frog
Dendropsophus Columbianus
Plectrohyla Avia
Tamá Harlequin Frog
Afrixalus Uluguruensis
Allobates Crombiei
Anodonthyla Boulengerii
Atelopus Siranus
Atelopus Subornatus
Chthonerpeton Braestrupi
Craugastor Crassidigitus
Eleutherodactylus Inoptatus
Gephyromantis Webbi
Hyalinobatrachium Taylori
Lutz’s Poison Frog
Phyllomedusa Coelestis
Rhaebo Caeruleostictus
Rhinella Fernandezae
Walkerana Leptodactyla
Zaire Forest Tree Frog
Brachytarsophrys Intermedia
Astylosternus Batesi
Caecilia Crassisquama
Ecnomiohyla Thysanota
Geotrypetes Pseudoangeli
Heterixalus Variabilis
Hyperolius Castaneus
Minervarya Andamanensis
Physalaemus Lisei
Scinax Acuminatus
Dendropsophus Arndti
Aplastodiscus Weygoldti
Caecilia Degenerata
Caecilia Marcusi
Hyloscirtus Alytolylax
Oaxacan Yellow Tree Frog
Ololygon Ranki
Plectrohyla Pycnochila
Poyntonophrynus Hoeschi
Arthroleptis Schubotzi
Atelopus Famelicus
Hyperolius Tuberculatus
Incilius Tacanensis
Leptopelis Christyi
Philautus Surdus
Poyntonophrynus Lughensis
Pristimantis Librarius
Pseudophilautus Mooreorum
Hyloxalus Sauli
Hyperolius Pardalis
Leptopelis Crystallinoron
Rhinella Dapsilis
Rhinella Quechua
Rockhole Frog
Allobates Juanii
Blommersia Angolafa
Cainarachi Poison Frog
Centrolene Antioquiensis
Craugastor Rugulosus
Dendropsophus Seniculus
Sand Frog
Bocage’s Tree Frog
Boulengerula Fischeri
Chthonerpeton Onorei
Colostethus Imbricolus
Herveo Plump Toad
Mantophryne Insignis
Paramesotriton Guangxiensis
Ptychadena Pumilio
Aglyptodactylus Laticeps
Allobates Marchesianus
Bokermannohyla Ahenea
Caecilia Leucocephala
Ceiba Stream Frog
Dermophis Gracilior
Microhyla Petrigena
Rhacophorus Hoanglienensis
Arfakiana Tree Frog
Atelopus Eusebianus
Colostethus Thorntoni
Eleutherodactylus Klinikowskii
Isthmohyla Insolita
Sclerophrys Langanoensis
Yellow Mantella
Ansonia Minuta
Crotaphatrema Tchabalmbaboensis
Hyperolius Gularis
Ingerophrynus Claviger
Pelophryne Lighti
Pelophryne Misera
Amolops Jaunsari
Banded Banana Frog
Colostethus Mertensi
Feihyla Inexpectata
Hyperolius Chlorosteus
Rulyrana Susatamai
Alsodes Tumultuosus
Caecilia Flavopunctata
Celsiella Revocata
Craugastor Fecundus
Craugastor Gulosus
Gastrotheca Chrysosticta
Hyalinobatrachium Talamancae
Hyloscirtus Chlorosteus
Melanophryniscus Rubriventris
Telmatobius Peruvianus
Atelopus Chocoensis
Atelopus Nepiozomus
Callulina Stanleyi
Dischidodactylus Duidensis
Indosylvirana Serendipi
Rhacophorus Catamitus
Santa Lucia Mountains Slender Salamander
Anomaloglossus Rufulus
Aplastodiscus Leucopygius
Arthroleptis Aureoli
Atelopus Lozanoi
Incilius Macrocristatus
Kala Forest Tree Frog
Maldonada Redbelly Toad
Melanophryniscus Macrogranulosus
Minervarya Nicobariensis
Nanorana Yunnanensis
Gephyromantis Eiselti
Hyloxalus Sylvaticus
Proceratophrys Concavitympanum
Atelognathus Nitoi
Caecilia Attenuata
Colostethus Yaguara
Craugastor Rupinius
Guizhou Salamander
Lithobates Lenca
Odorrana Jingdongensis
Phasmahyla Guttata
Puxiong Salamander
Ranoidea Maculosa
Scinax Rostratus
Scutiger Adungensis
Afrixalus Laevis
Amazophrynella Bokermanni
Atelopus Longibrachius
Cochranella Litoralis
Nothophryne Unilurio
Pithecopus Oreades
Pristimantis Platychilus
Pseudoeurycea Juarezi
Atelopus Monohernandezii
Boophis Englaenderi
Common Forest Tree Frog
Hyalinobatrachium Ibama
Kings River Slender Salamander
Megophrys Glandulosa
Odorrana Aureola
Osteocephalus Leoniae
Pelophryne Signata
Philautus Vermiculatus
Plectrohyla Teuchestes
Probreviceps Macrodactylus
Proceratophrys Appendiculata
Pyxicephalus Cordofanus
Scinax Duartei
Watjulum Frog
Plectrohyla Tecunumani
Pristimantis Cerasinus
Quilticohyla Acrochorda
Scaphiophryne Boribory
Werneria Preussi
Werneria Submontana
Afrixalus Lacteus
Guatemala Plateau Frog
Heterixalus Boettgeri
Leptodactylodon Axillaris
Leptopelis Gramineus
Arthroleptis Carquejai
Bokermann’s Casque-headed Tree Frog
Centrolene Altitudinalis
Chthonerpeton Viviparum
Gracixalus Medogensis
Kassina Maculosa
Leptodactylodon Ornatus
Meristogenys Jerboa
Niceforonia Adenobrachia
Noblella Ritarasquinae
Nototriton Brodiei
Pseudis Cardosoi
Rhinella Chrysophora
Rhinella Rubescens
Caecilia Isthmica
Chthonerpeton Noctinectes
Craugastor Longirostris
Dendropsophus Acreanus
Ecnomiohyla Minera
Henle’s Slender-legged Tree Frog
Leptopelis Concolor
Megophrys Auralensis
Nectophrynoides Laevis
Raorchestes Kakachi
Isthmohyla Pseudopuma
Leptodactylodon Bueanus
Megophrys Robusta
Oscaecilia Elongata
Poyntonophrynus Dombensis
Proceratophrys Bigibbosa
Siphonops Leucoderus
Tōhoku Salamander
Xingan Salamander
Zhangixalus Arvalis
Agalychnis Danieli
Ansonia Vidua
Colostethus Furviventris
Dendrophryniscus Brevipollicatus
Hylomantis Hulli
Hyperolius Sheldricki
Proceratophrys Goyana
Rhinella Acutirostris
Sclerophrys Reesi
Wahai Tree Frog
Alsodes Monticola
Ansonia Torrentis
Barycholos Pulcher
Brachycephalus Pernix
Greater Bromeliad Tree Frog
Guibemantis Punctatus
Hyalinobatrachium Munozorum
Lesser Banana Frog
Limnonectes Kenepaiensis
Sclerophrys Pentoni
Stumpffia Tridactyla
Telmatobius Philippii
Theloderma Palliatum
Arthroleptis Adelphus
Atelopus Simulatus
Chirixalus Dudhwaensis
Dendropsophus Werneri
Hyperolius Igbettensis
Adenomera Martinezi
Centrolene Daidalea
Craugastor Vulcani
Duttaphrynus Brevirostris
Hyalinobatrachium Bergeri
Hyloxalus Idiomelus
Hyloxalus Vertebralis
Hyperolius Ademetzi
Mertensophryne Loveridgei
Micryletta Erythropoda
Philautus Ingeri
Pristimantis Gutturalis
Rhacophorus Barisani
Upland Burrowing Tree Frog
Astylosternus Rheophilus
Atelognathus Praebasalticus
Caecilia Dunni
Craugastor Mimus
Dendropsophus Tintinnabulum
Eupsophus Emiliopugini
Isthmohyla Tica
Mantidactylus Bellyi
Afrixalus Equatorialis
Allobates Sanmartini
Aromobates Saltuensis
Bokermannohyla Izecksohni
Callimedusa Atelopoides
Cryptothylax Minutus
Kassina Somalica
Microcaecilia Albiceps
Odorrana Chapaensis
Ophryophryne Pachyproctus
Western Andes Tree Frog
Agalychnis Psilopygion
Arfak Mountain Tree Frog
Hyalinobatrachium Esmeralda
Hyperolius Baumanni
Ichthyophis Youngorum
Kassina Cochranae
Limnonectes Ibanorum
Nectophrynoides Frontierei
Nototriton Major
Pristimantis Zophus
Ranoidea Auae
Rhinella Veraguensis
Rhombophryne Coudreaui
Striped Tree Frog
Anchieta’s Tree Frog
Arthroleptis Crusculum
Batrachyla Antartandica
Boophis Anjanaharibeensis
Dwarf Rocket Frog
Eleutherodactylus Bartonsmithi
Hyperolius Houyi
Hyperolius Marginatus
Leptolalax Pelodytoides
Odorrana Exiliversabilis
Blythophryne Beryet
Barycholos Ternetzi
Boophis Jaegeri
Caecilia Mertensi
Centrolene Lynchi
Mannophryne Lamarcai
Allobates Kingsburyi
Alsodes Nodosus
Cardioglossa Venusta
Charadrahyla Nephila
Dendropsophus Cruzi
Eleutherodactylus Bresslerae
Eleutherodactylus Ricordii
Hyla Zhaopingensis
Hyloxalus Whymperi
Oreolalax Weigoldi
Plectrohyla Sagorum
Probreviceps Rhodesianus
Taliang Knobby Newt
Tsushima Salamander
Allobates Bromelicola
Anomaloglossus Stepheni
Aru Tree Frog
Hyalinobatrachium Iaspidiense
Hyloxalus Peruvianus
Leptodactylodon Albiventris
Malcolm’s Ethiopian Toad
Mannophryne Collaris
Phasmahyla Cochranae
Rhinella Poeppigii
Allobates Vanzolinius
Atelopus Pictiventris
Ectopoglossus Atopoglossus
Hyperolius Thoracotuberculatus
Incilius Signifer
Physalaemus Kroyeri
Poyntonophrynus Vertebralis
Rhinella Cristinae
Astylosternus Ranoides
Callulops Fuscus
Ectopoglossus Lacrimosus
Guacamayo Plump Toad
Ornate Tree Frog
Rio Golden-eyed Tree Frog
Spot-tailed Warty Newt
Tomopterna Milletihorsini
Allobates Insperatus
Aplastodiscus Arildae
Callimedusa Ecuatoriana
Eleutherodactylus Patriciae
Mertensophryne Howelli
Phlyctimantis Leonardi
Porto Alegre Golden-eyed Tree Frog
Scinax Auratus
Strabomantis Laticorpus
Synapturanus Salseri
Afrixalus Crotalus
Allobates Caeruleodactylus
Atzalan Golden Salamander
Boana Riojana
Centrolene Paezorum
Diasporus Tigrillo
Helena’s Marsupial Frog
Hyloxalus Betancuri
Mannophryne Caquetio
Mertensophryne Lindneri
Nothophryne Broadleyi
Rhinella Macrorhina
Sclerophrys Urunguensis
Sphaenorhynchus Carneus
Spinular Night Frog
Nectophrynoides Vestergaardi
Kaloula Indochinensis
Afrixalus Morerei
Allobates Myersi
Amnirana Amnicola
Anomaloglossus Triunfo
Craugastor Adamastus
Everett’s Tree Frog
Gastrotheca Fissipes
Leptodactylodon Polyacanthus
Mantidactylus Pauliani
Masked Frog
Plectrohyla Acanthodes
Thorius Narisovalis
Afrixalus Stuhlmanni
Caecilia Disossea
Craugastor Loki
Hyloscirtus Tapichalaca
Kalophrynus Heterochirus
Lysapsus Caraya
Nyctimystes Disruptus
Phlyctimantis Verrucosus
Pristimantis Medemi
Aplastodiscus Perviridis
Atelopus Pedimarmoratus
Atelopus Quimbaya
Austrochaperina Septentrionalis
Boulengerula Denhardti
Chiasmocleis Capixaba
Eleutherodactylus Cavernicola
Isthmohyla Lancasteri
Odorrana Tiannanensis
Phrynomedusa Appendiculata
Rhinella Chavin
Sclerophrys Vittata
Cochranella Ramirezi
Anomaloglossus Breweri
Boana Atlantica
Cycloramphus Bandeirensis
Dendropsophus Robertmertensi
Geelvink Pygmy Tree Frog
Indosylvirana Milleti
Nyctimystes Cheesmani
Pachytriton Moi
Scutiger Gongshanensis
Alsodes Norae
Eupsophus Insularis
Hyperolius Adspersus
Nanorana Ventripunctata
Truebella Skoptes
Ansonia Inthanon
Atelopus Sonsonensis
Brachycephalus Alipioi
Chamberlain’s Dwarf Salamander
Hyperolius Torrentis
Leptopelis Jordani
Oreophrynella Weiassipuensis
Pseudoeurycea Mystax
Rhinella Stanlaii
Scinax Garbei
Dendrophryniscus Berthalutzae
Eleutherodactylus Longipes
Hyloxalus Chlorocraspedus
Isthmohyla Pictipes
Leptopelis Susanae
Nanorana Ercepeae
Oscaecilia Hypereumeces
Pristimantis Phalarus
Sarcohyla Labeculata
Sclerophrys Buchneri
Afrixalus Sylvaticus
Arthroleptis Bivittatus
Atelopus Sanjosei
Bokermannohyla Clepsydra
Boophis Elenae
Centrolene Notosticta
Grandisonia Larvata
Hylophorbus Sextus
Hyloxalus Faciopunctulatus
Megophrys Huangshanensis
Nymphargus Siren
Oscaecilia Equatorialis
Arthroleptis Hematogaster
Astylosternus Schioetzi
Hyloxalus Infraguttatus
Hyloxalus Shuar
Kaloula Verrucosa
Mount Nimba Screeching Frog
Nannophryne Corynetes
Scinax Boesemani
Sclerophrys Tihamica
Teratohyla Adenocheira
Ansonia Guibei
Ayarzaguena’s Tree Frog
Cardioglossa Oreas
Craugastor Sabrinus
Dendropsophus Decipiens
Gastrotheca Monticola
Hyloxalus Delatorreae
Inyanga Toad
Mertensophryne Lonnbergi
Parker’s Tree Toad
Sclerophrys Brauni
Anomaloglossus Parkerae
Ansonia Malayana
Cardioglossa Schioetzi
Hyalinobatrachium Fragile
Hyloscirtus Bogotensis
Hyperolius Nimbae
Hyperolius Sankuruensis
Leptopelis Nordequatorialis
Leptopelis Vannutellii
Scinax Fuscomarginatus
Allobates Brunneus
Allobates Mcdiarmidi
Arthroleptis Reichei
Centrolene Peristicta
Hyperolius Langi
Hyperolius Sylvaticus
Leptodactylodon Erythrogaster
Metaphrynella Pollicaris
Microcaecilia Nicefori
Nymphargus Oreonympha
Nyonga Forest Tree Frog
Oscaecilia Zweifeli
Paratelmatobius Lutzii
Sarcohyla Cembra
Strabomantis Cornutus
Batrachyla Leptopus
Caecilia Occidentalis
Craugastor Fleischmanni
Craugastor Talamancae
Heterixalus Andrakata
Hyloxalus Chocoensis
Hyperolius Glandicolor
Phrynobatrachus Ogoensis
Plectrohyla Ixil
Pseudophilautus Stuarti
Ranoidea Brongersmai
Scarthyla Vigilans
Scinax Karenanneae
Werneria Tandyi
Arthroleptis Mossoensis
Atelopus Galactogaster
Centrolene Hybrida
Chiasmocleis Carvalhoi
Dendropsophus Carnifex
Eleutherodactylus Fuscus
Hyloscirtus Albopunctulatus
Leptopelis Modestus
Melanophryniscus Pachyrhynus
Microcaecilia Taylori
Papurana Florensis
Pristimantis Acuminatus
Zakerana Nilagirica
Alexteroon Hypsiphonus
Boophis Vittatus
Confusing Poison Frog
Cornufer Schmidti
Craugastor Gollmeri
Dendrophryniscus Proboscideus
Eleutherodactylus Parapelates
Espadarana Audax
Hyperolius Bocagei
Ichthyophis Humphreyi
Kalophrynus Menglienicus
Leptodactylus Discodactylus
New River Tree Frog
Ololygon Agilis
Pristimantis Charlottevillensis
Yellow Heart-tongued Frog
Zhangixalus Aurantiventris
Aromobates Orostoma
Arthroleptis Tanneri
Boulengerula Uluguruensis
Dendropsophus Berthalutzae
Eleutherodactylus Intermedius
Eleutherodactylus Paulsoni
Exerodonta Perkinsi
Nymphargus Chami
Ololygon Berthae
Oreophryne Anamiatoi
Plectrohyla Hartwegi
Pristimantis Conspicillatus
Pristimantis Danae
Sclerophrys Asmarae
Vitreorana Eurygnatha
Wandolleck’s White-lipped Tree Frog
Megophrys Acuta
Alsodes Valdiviensis
Anomaloglossus Ayarzaguenai
Beck’s Tree Frog
Cardioglossa Gracilis
Dendropsophus Parviceps
Dendropsophus Pelidna
Eleutherodactylus Pipilans
Glauert’s Froglet
Meristogenys Amoropalamus
Oreobates Discoidalis
Papurana Jimiensis
Pristimantis Bernali
Quasipaa Fasciculispina
Rhinella Rumbolli
Scinax Proboscideus
Werneria Bambutensis
Adenomera Heyeri
Afrixalus Upembae
Aphantophryne Minuta
Boophis Boehmei
Cuban Pine Toad
Eleutherodactylus Schmidti
Engystomops Pustulatus
Incilius Tutelarius
Leptobrachium Xanthops
Litoria Majikthise
Pelophryne Api
Pseudophilautus Microtympanum
Strabomantis Biporcatus
Leptobrachella Nokrekensis
Ansonia Siamensis
Arthroleptis Xenochirus
Craugastor Chac
Dendropsophus Gaucheri
Eleutherodactylus Ruthae
Hyloxalus Bocagei
Hyloxalus Elachyhistus
Hyloxalus Patitae
Kassina Jozani
Leptodactylodon Boulengeri
Mertensophryne Nyikae
Plectrohyla Hazelae
Wolterstorffina Chirioi
Allobates Nidicola
Ansonia Fuliginea
Austrochaperina Kosarek
Cardioglossa Alsco
Charta Tree Frog
Dendropsophus Garagoensis
Dendropsophus Melanargyreus
Dendropsophus Ruschii
Eleutherodactylus Caribe
Hyloxalus Peculiaris
Incilius Perplexus
Nyctimystes Avocalis
Oreophrynella Huberi
Osornophryne Sumacoensis
Pine Forest Stream Frog
Pristimantis Lymani
Rhaebo Glaberrimus
Rio Chipillico Frog
Sclerophrys Funerea
Arthroleptis Zimmeri
Gephyromantis Boulengeri
Guibemantis Liber
Hyperolius Montanus
Leptopelis Parvus
Mertensophryne Usambarae
Psychrophrynella Usurpator
Wuliangshan Horned Toad
Craugastor Olanchano
Craugastor Pozo
Elachistocleis Pearsei
Eleutherodactylus Adelus
Eleutherodactylus Rufifemoralis
Hyloxalus Mittermeieri
Hyperolius Laurenti
Isthmohyla Picadoi
Mantidactylus Noralottae
Noblella Heyeri
Ololygon Arduous
Phasmahyla Exilis
Stereocyclops Incrassatus
Victoria Night Frog
Wolterstorffina Parvipalmata
Caucasian Smooth Newt
Hyperolius Vilhenai
Ololygon Kautskyi
Osornophryne Antisana
Philautus Gunungensis
Pristimantis Cosnipatae
Anomaloglossus Degranvillei
Craugastor Stadelmani
Leptobrachella Serasanae
Makumuno Assumbo Caecilian
Odorrana Nasuta
Paratelmatobius Cardosoi
Pristimantis Mnionaetes
Rhinella Ocellata
Scinax Funereus
Yellowbelly Voiceless Tree Frog
Afrixalus Orophilus
Allobates Undulatus
Aplastodiscus Sibilatus
Boana Prasina
Caecilia Perdita
Dendrotriton Megarhinus
Hyloxalus Littoralis
Leptodactylus Flavopictus
Leptodactylus Troglodytes
Lysapsus Laevis
Microhyla Chakrapanii
Nymphargus Mariae
Osteocephalus Yasuni
Pristimantis Ernesti
Ptychohyla Salvadorensis
Sclerophrys Djohongensis
Atelopus Mandingues
Batrachyla Fitzroya
Bokermannohyla Nanuzae
Craugastor Azueroensis
Gastrotheca Griswoldi
Hyloxalus Breviquartus
Ischnocnema Hoehnei
Isthmohyla Zeteki
Leptodactylus Camaquara
Mertensophryne Melanopleura
Monte Duida Tree Frog
Ophryophryne Microstoma
Aphantophryne Pansa
Aphantophryne Sabini
Aplastodiscus Albofrenatus
Arthroleptis Vercammeni
Atelopus Dimorphus
Bahia Heart-tongued Frog
Cape Melville Tree Frog
Cloud Forest Stream Frog
Dendropsophus Anataliasiasi
Hyperolius Acuticeps
Lincoln’s Climbing Salamander
Scinax Blairi
Sclerophrys Danielae
Wolterstorffina Mirei
Afrixalus Weidholzi
Astylosternus Laurenti
Beira Toad
Bokermann’s Casque-headed Frog
Boophis Tasymena
Dendropsophus Minusculus
Eleutherodactylus Lucioi
Godman’s Tree Frog
Leptodactylus Magistris
Leptopelis Fiziensis
Nyctimystes Pulcher
Plectrohyla Chrysopleura
Pristimantis Atratus
Rhombophryne Guentherpetersi
Raorchestes Crustai
Adenomera Lutzi
Afrixalus Schneideri
Anomaloglossus Shrevei
Cordillera Central Tree Frog
Craugastor Vocalis
Jeweled Toad
Leptodactylus Marmoratus
Microcaecilia Rabei
Nyctimystes Perimetri
Phrynomedusa Marginata
Sachatamia Orejuela
Nectophrynoides Minutus
Cardioglossa Pulchra
Dendropsophus Bogerti
Exerodonta Sumichrasti
Horst’s Tree Frog
Hyperolius Albofrenatus
Rhinella Nesiotes
Nectophrynoides Pseudotornieri
Aromobates Serranus
Arthroleptis Affinis
Bokermannohyla Luctuosa
Boophis Schuboeae
Dendrophryniscus Leucomystax
Hylophorbus Proekes
Hyperolius Pictus
Leptolalax Melicus
Oreophrynella Cryptica
Plethodontohyla Inguinalis
Pristimantis Ignicolor
White-footed Frog
Yunganastes Mercedesae
Zakerana Parambikulamana
Allobates Masniger
Buzzing Tree Frog
Dendropsophus Luteoocellatus
Eleutherodactylus Auriculatus
Eleutherodactylus Dimidiatus
Gastrotheca Psychrophila
Geocrinia Leai
Megophrys Sangzhiensis
Merida Andes Tree Frog
Nymphargus Phenax
Odorrana Morafkai
Pristimantis Festae
Pseudophilautus Hallidayi
Rhinella Scitula
Sarcohyla Cyanomma
Scinax Crospedospilus
Sierra Juarez Brook Frog
Speckled Tree Frog
Adenomera Araucaria
Alsodes Igneus
Aplastodiscus Cochranae
Atelopus Reticulatus
Cardioglossa Trifasciata
Centrolene Pipilata
Mannophryne Larandina
Mottled Tree Frog
Nyctimystes Foricula
Omei Horned Toad
Oreophrynella Vasquezi
Oscaecilia Koepckeorum
Alsodes Montanus
Aromobates Haydeeae
Boana Cordobae
Bokermannohyla Hylax
Caecilia Tenuissima
Callimedusa Baltea
Efogi Tree Frog
Eleutherodactylus Pallidus
Gastrotheca Christiani
Glyphoglossus Brooksii
Hidden-ear Frog
Ingerophrynus Kumquat
Microcaecilia Supernumeraria
Mimosiphonops Vermiculatus
Rhinella Inca
Telmatobius Verrucosus
Amietia Desaegeri
Caecilia Subdermalis
Dischidodactylus Colonnelloi
Guibemantis Timidus
Hyloxalus Vergeli
Mimosiphonops Reinhardti
Mozambique Forest Tree Frog
Phlyctimantis Boulengeri
Plectrohyla Pokomchi
Pristimantis Bellona
Pristimantis Pyrrhomerus
Pristimantis Turumiquirensis
Thorius Boreas
Allobates Mandelorum
Anomaloglossus Baeobatrachus
Ansonia Penangensis
Arthroleptis Pyrrhoscelis
Centrolene Huilensis
Dendropsophus Praestans
Dendropsophus Rhea
Four-digit Toad
Hyperolius Acutirostris
Hyperolius Minutissimus
Megophrys Lekaguli
Pristimantis Anolirex
Pristimantis Pteridophilus
Atelopus Nicefori
Bokermannohyla Lucianae
Dendropsophus Sanborni
Fritziana Fissilis
Palenque Poison Frog
Sphaenorhynchus Bromelicola
Adelophryne Mucronatus
Bischoff’s Tree Frog
Boana Exastis
Craugastor Rivulus
Hyloxalus Fuliginosus
Hyperolius Maestus
Hyperolius Platyceps
La Planada Poison Frog
Niceforonia Peraccai
Osteocephalus Mutabor
Pristimantis Acutirostris
Wenxian Knobby Newt
Arthroleptis Loveridgei
Bokermannohyla Caramaschii
Caecilia Subnigricans
Hyperolius Picturatus
Mannophryne Cordilleriana
Microcaecilia Pricei
Nannophryne Cophotis
Nymphargus Megacheirus
Oreobates Pereger
Scinax Granulatus
Aromobates Capurinensis
Arthroleptis Sylvaticus
Arthroleptis Xenodactylus
Bokermannohyla Circumdata
Choerophryne Gracilirostris
Copan Stream Frog
Craugastor Lineatus
Dendropsophus Brevifrons
Hyloscirtus Armatus
Leptopelis Bequaerti
Mannophryne Oblitterata
Melanophryniscus Devincenzii
Nymphargus Pluvialis
Phyllodytes Wuchereri
Pristimantis Ganonotus
Sclerophrys Blanfordii
Sclerophrys Dodsoni
Sclerophrys Villiersi
Stefania Satelles
Allobates Trilineatus
Ansonia Tiomanica
Cardioglossa Nigromaculata
Centrolene Bacata
Craugastor Berkenbuschii
Craugastor Melanostictus
Dendropsophus Haddadi
Eleutherodactylus Pinarensis
Exerodonta Melanomma
Hyloxalus Maquipucuna
Hyloxalus Utcubambensis
Hyperolius Brachiofasciatus
Hyperolius Ghesquieri
Hyperolius Wermuthi
Ischnocnema Guentheri
Leptobrachium Tagbanorum
Mertensophryne Mocquardi
Oxapampa Poison Frog
Rulyrana Flavopunctata
Afrixalus Lindholmi
Allobates Humilis
Cardioglossa Elegans
Centrolene Scirtetes
Cerro Pando Salamander
Crossodactylus Gaudichaudii
Eleutherodactylus Darlingtoni
Fairy Tree Frog
Hyperolius Discodactylus
Leptolalax Isos
Scinax Alter
Scinax Nasicus
Sequoia Slender Salamander
Xenorhina Obesa
Zhangixalus Suffry
Bokermannohyla Saxicola

Threats and Conservation of Amphibians 

Without any second doubt, amphibians are one of the most fascinating creatures of the nature that plays a crucial role in our environment. However, the sad part is they are currently facing a myriad of threats that is slowly pushing many of the species towards the path of extinction. 

In fact, according to the statistics of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, they are the largest vertebrate class to be endangered, following 40% of the amphibian species close to extinction. 

Threats to Amphibians

Most of the treats made for the amphibians are man-made and sometimes natural – which is indeed heartbreaking!

Because as a part of the ecosystem, it is our duty to protect them instead of driving them into the world of extinction. 

Some of the most common threats that they face are as follows:

Habitat Loss

The more you are becoming civilized and modern, the more these great creatures are losing their homes to us. Whether we call it deforestation, urbanization, or maybe agricultural expansion – destruction is being made and they are slowly getting worse, losing their homes. 

Plus, the destruction of the wetlands, forests, and freshwater ecosystems is also messing with their breeding and feeding grounds. Much like getting their house and entire neighborhood knocked down without any prior notice.

Climate Change

As we all know, amphibians tend to have super sensitive skin. And thus any changes made in their environmental conditions ultimately make them vulnerable to temperature fluctuation and habitat shifts.

That is, the rising temperatures, or maybe the altered rainfall patterns – all are directly or indirectly posing a significant threat to them.

Pollution and Contamination

Amphibians are highly sensitive to the pollutants and contaminants, such as pesticides, herbicides, and various other chemical runoff. 

And what are we doing?

Knowingly or unknowingly, we are releasing a cocktail of pollutants into the environment – eventually affecting our great friend’s precious life in multiple ways. 

From impairing their reproductive systems to ruining their immune systems – the list has no pause. Something to really wonder about! 

Disease and Pathogens

Diseases and pathogens are like the universal threats we all are facing. The same goes for our amphibian buddies. They are prone to various diseases and pathogens more than ever.

For example Chytridiomycosis. It is caused by a deadly fungus that mainly infects their skin regions, ultimately, messing with their ability to breathe and absorb water. And the result? Well, it is right in front of us! 

Ranavirus and Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans are also some dangerous diseases that are affecting and wreaking havoc on the entire amphibian population.

Conservation Efforts for Amphibians

After conducting some research, we have found that several governments, non-government and private organizations are coming forward and working together day and night to protect these greatest creatures of all time. 

Here are some of the noteworthy mentions:

Amphibian Survival Allaince (ASA)

The ASA is one of the largest conservation groups in the world, who are dedicated to saving the amphibians from the brink of extinction. 

They come with a group of talented people, ranging from scientists, conservationists, and even policymakers to plan and implement effective approaches for the conversation of amphipods. 

Here, the goal is to raise awareness about amphibians while also offering support for various field projects and research initiatives. 

Thanks to their quick response system, they have successfully managed to save about 7,000 amphibian species. It is indeed worth appraisal for! 

Amphibian Ark (AArk)

AArk is another organization that focuses on building ex-situ assurance populations. Meaning, it aims to establish and maintain the populations of the endangered amphibian species outside their natural habitats. 

Doing so will provide them with a safety net – offering protection from immediate threats in the wild. They have collaborated with various zoos, aquariums, and research institutions to establish assurance colonies and mitigate the risk of extinction.

Global Amphibian BioBlitz

Lastly, we have the Global Amphibian BioBlitz

It is a citizen science initiative that mainly engages volunteers from worldwide to explore their local habitats and collect data on the amphibian populations, distribution, and potential threats. 

Afterward, using the power of collective observation, the organization evaluates, monitors, and then figures out the key areas that need immediate conservation action.

Different Types of Animals Lists:


How do Amphibians Breathe?

Depending on their various life stages and habitat, amphibians can breathe through their skin, lungs, or gills. Talk about being versatile and different from others!

What do Amphibians Eat?

Amphibians love to eat. No wonder they have such a diversified food menu. From feeding on insects to worms, fish, small invertebrates, and even other amphibians –  they really know how to please their appetite!

Where do Amphibians Live?

In case you are on a hunt for these wonderful critters, know that you will find them hanging in all sorts of places. From rainforests to peaceful ponds, wetlands, streams, desserts, or maybe even your own backyards – they are the masters of adaptability and can live in various habitats worldwide.

What is the Difference Between Amphibians and Reptiles?

While amphibians and reptiles may seem similar, they have their own share of differences. Amphibians typically have moist skin, undergo metamorphosis and end up living in water. On the other hand, the reptiles have a dry and scaly skin, lay eggs on the land, and don’t go through any metamorphosis.

Wrapping Up

Amphibians are indeed one of the extraordinary creatures of the world that will make you wonder about the magic of nature. From their unique breathing mechanisms to undergoing the metamorphosis, they really are something!

However, the sad part is they are currently facing various challenges and threats – slowly leading to their extinction. Hence, it falls on our duty to protect our fellow friends and create a world for them where they will be able to breathe in and dance again with pure happiness.

Besides, if they are happy, our ecosystem will be happy, and, in return, we will all be able to live peacefully under the shades of mother nature.

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