Black Cat Names: Too Cute To Handle

Black Cat Names

Black cats are unique, magnificent, and adorable-looking animals. Back in the day, people believed that black cats were bad luck. Now every cat owner is obsessed with black cats. The only crime they ever commit is stealing your hearts!

Just look at them! Their magnificent shiny black coats with those adorable round eyes. We are obsessed! If this obsession has caught you and you just got your new black cat, we have what you need.

Black kitten names! No, they are not your traditional names like “Shadow” or “Midnight.” This list of names will match your cat’s personality. 

(Note: The number of stars, the highest is 2 Stars, shows the popularity of the name among the categories.)

Black Cat Names: Male & Female

We often choose names depending on our pet’s gender, so let’s start with it. Here are the 38 best black cat names: female and male.

Male Black Cat NamesFemale Black Cat Names
⭐ Bagheera⭐ Crystal
⭐⭐ Bones⭐ Dahlia
⭐⭐ BootsDiamond
Charcoal⭐⭐ Fluffy
⭐ JetKiwi
⭐⭐ JinxLicorice
⭐ Juno⭐ Menchie
⭐ OnyxPepper
Orion⭐ Raven
⭐ OzzyRuffles
Rocky⭐⭐ Sasha
⭐⭐⭐ Smokey⭐ Stella

Black Cat Names: From Other Languages

Using a name from a different language is very popular among naming cats. This makes your black furball’s name unique. The uniqueness is also because of the wonderful meanings. Some names will be a perfect match for your god-like cats.

We have chosen 32 unique and cute African and Mexican black cat names with meanings so that your feline buddy can be the family’s star.

African Cat NamesMeaningMexican Cat NamesMeaning
AkongoCreator God in African Mythology⭐⭐ BellaBeautiful
⭐ AmareName of African Descent NBA Player⭐⭐ CarlosFreeman
⭐⭐ AshaLively⭐⭐ CatalinaOops! No meaning
BeninName of a Part of AfricaCeliaOriginated from Cecelia
⭐⭐ DahliaGentleChicaGirl
EkonStrongFelipeFriend of Horses
⭐⭐ FeechiTo Worship God⭐ FloraGreenery
⭐⭐ LuluPearl⭐⭐ HéctorHoldfast
MahaBeautiful Eyes⭐⭐ IsabelaGod of Plentiful
⭐⭐ NalaSuccessful⭐⭐ LolaYoung Lady
OdeBorn on the Road During Traveling⭐⭐ LunaMoon
⭐ShonaHappiness BringerMiguelGod-like

Black Cat Names: According to Personality

Just like us, our loveable cats have unique personalities. Some are grumpy, funny, arrogant, mischievous, gentle, evil, introverted, extroverted, hungry, sleepy, etc. That was a handful, but they are a lot more than that.

As your little furballs grow up, they show their personality more openly. But there’s a saying that the meaning of the name affects our personality. So, choose your pet’s name wisely! We have three categories of names for you.

1st Category: Funny or Silly

startled black cat looks confused
Image credit: Suzanne Tucker, Shutterstock

Cats are ridiculous and do a lot of stuff that makes us laugh every day. Who needs to go out for fun when you have a cat, right!

Here are 15 funny black cat names that suit your cat’s bubbly personality.

1. Poot2. Mr. Bean3. Batman
4. Dusty5. Coffee6. Morticia
7. Mr. Fuzzy Pants8. Spider9. Trouble
10. Pawridge11. Kitty Purry12. Hairball
13. Halloween14. Tom15. Cleo-catra
Funny Cat Names

2nd Category: Mischievous or Naughty

brownish-black cat looking at the broken tub
Image credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

If you still don’t know, cats are known to be mischievous. Here are some scenarios: They will knock things off the shelves without any reason or have a whole bowl of water but prefer to drink from your glass. They will run so fast that you won’t see them and trip over. Yes! That’s how naughty they are. But we still love them!

Look through these 12 mischievous black cat names that best suit your trouble maker.

1. Mr. Trouble Maker2. Mischief3. Stinker
4. Cruella5. Feisty6. Ninja
7. Loco8. Zippy9. Chase
10. Turbo11. Thanos12. Pounce
Mischievous Cat Names

3rd Category: Moving to the Dark Side!

little black cat in Halloween style
Image credit: Katrina Brown, Shutterstock

You have heard that black cats were evil witches. What if they still are? We are just kidding. It’s just a rumor, but they are still evil. They will destroy your favorite mug, ruin the new toilet roll, touch all your food, etc. They are like Disney’s evil villains.

We have handpicked 14 dark and evil black cat names to suit your little feline devil.

1. Boo2. Devil
3. Dracula4. Monster
5. Nightmare6. Phantom
7. Ursula8. Jafar
9. Lucifer10. Venom
11. Maleficent12. Voodoo
13. Darth Vader14. Hades
Evil Cat Names

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Black Cat Names: Inspired by Food

black cat with apples around him sitting on grass
Image credit: vvvita, Shutterstock

Food-related names are pretty common among pet names. Many people choose these names to match their cat’s fur coat or behavior. It sounds cute and also delicious.

We wanted to contribute to naming your pet. So, here are 12 black cat names inspired by food.

1. Oreo2. Apple
3. Mr. Peanut Butter4. Biscuit
5. Cookie6. Brownie
7. Cocoa8. Noodle
9. Tuna10. Chai
11. Berry12. Plum
Food-Inspired Cat Names

Black Cat Names: Inspired by Color

We have already mentioned many names matching your black cat but did we tell you there’s more.

We present you with 9 black cat names inspired by their color.

1. Dusty2. Storm3. Coal
4. Dusky5. Inky6. Pitch
7. Gray8. Midnight9. Carbon
Color Inspired Cat Names

Choose A Name

We believe names bring out the personalities in a better way. They help to shape us as we grow up. In your case, it can be the same! For example, if you call your cat stinkers, maybe he will be stinking your whole place in the future, and just kidding!

 So choose wisely what you name your cat.

Finding a good name for your feline friend can be tough, but the name will fit just fine when you find it. Your cat will learn to understand its name and follow your commands. They will get used to you calling their name and run up to you for cuddles. You already have all the options to choose from.

Don’t forget to tell us if you decide on a name for your little or big furry friend. If you already have cats, write to us about them. We love to hear all the fantastic stories!

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