10 Best Dog Grooming Near Greenville, Texas: A Perfect Guide

Dog Grooming in Greenville, Tx

Happy pets make us happy. In your work days, you cannot stay all the time with your puppies. That consequently drives a need to find some assistance. Dog groomers can be your perfect solution. But before handing over your furry baby to anyone else, you need to test his qualities and credentials so that you can secure your pet’s future.

Top 10 Dog Groomers in Greenville, Texas

Selecting the best groomers is not a big matter. All you have to do is ensure collecting authentic information about the groomers; check their educational status, training, experience, and other credentials; consider their dedication and love for animals; and, most importantly, check whether their service quality matches the price.

1. Refined Canine

They tend to operate a tad differently than others do locally. It is an ethical and professional grooming salon. To ensure happy clients and great results, they only use the best products and technologies. Typically, the length of a session has a turnaround time of 3-5 hours. After completion, they contact the owner. The safety of your pet is their top priority.

Rating: 4.8
Reviews: 109
Services: Full-service grooming salon
Location: 8910 Wesley St # F, Greenville, TX 75402, United States.
Business Hours: Friday, Monday: 6:30 AM to 5 PM; Saturday: 6:30 AM to 6 PM
Phone: +19034415591 
Find more on: facebook.com/refinedcaninespa 

2. Dawn’s Paw Spa

One of their clients, Alexia Glasscock, says that “Out of all the groomers in Greenville that I have taken my dogs to, this is definitely the best one ever!” They are nominated for the best groomer in hunt country.

Rating: 4.6
Reviews: 38
Services: Pet salon
Location: 2804 Mitchell St, Greenville, TX 75402, United States.
Business Hours: Monday to Friday: 8 AM to 5 PM; Saturday and Sunday: closed.
Phone: +19034565221 
Find more on: facebook.com/Dawns-Paw-Spa-2004554996446349

3. Country Kennel & Grooming

The experts make your pet socialize with others. Your dog gets the chance to meet other animal-friendly people in a secure and loving place. Their pet-loving attendants ensure perfect care.

Rating: 4.8
Reviews: 56
Services: Dog day boarding, Regular boarding, Dog grooming
Location: 4224 TX-34 S, Greenville, TX 75402, United States.
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday: 7 AM to 5 PM
Phone: +19038833396 
Website: dogdayboardingquinlan.com

4. Dog in a Tub

They shower your fur baby with love and understanding, giving hugs, praise, and happy voices. They value feeding schedules the most. They strive to help enjoy every minute your pets are with them. They work on all breeds. They are also concerned about your pet, just like you are. When they do anything beyond your specifications, understand that they are looking for the most humane way to take care of your pet.

Rating: 4.7
Reviews: 30
Services: Boarding, Grooming, Pet setting
Location: 420 Co Rd 2236, Greenville, TX 75402, United States.
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8 AM to 5 PM; Sunday: closed.
Phone: +12147055055 
Website: doginatub.com

5. Town N Country Pups & Grooming

They specialize in smaller dog breeds. They have an unconditional love for animals. They work for pets so that they can live their lives to the fullest.

Rating: 5
Reviews: 4
Services: Grooming small dog breeds
Location: 208 Wanda Ln, Greenville, TX 75402, United States.
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday: 8 AM to 5 PM
Phone: +19035136901 
Find more on: facebook.com/townNcountrypups

6. PetSmart

Their commitment is everything for a pet. They believe loving pets make us better. They work to build close connections between pet parents and pets. With more than 1660 locations in North America, they provide varieties of pet foods, treats, toys, and apparel. They also provide customizable grooming for all types of dog breeds. 

Rating: 4.2
Reviews: 1236

  • Doggie day camp
  • Pets’ Hotel
  • Grooming
  • Training
  • Veterinary

Location: 5500 Greenville Ave STE 900, Dallas, TX 75206, United States.
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9 AM to 9 PM; Sunday: 10 AM to 7 PM.
Phone: +14692322030 
Website: petsmart.com

7. Lucky Paws Pet Lodge

They go the extra mile to ensure that your pup is taken care of day and night. A clean and safe environment brings them joy and excitement. They offer day and overnight boarding that fits your budget.

Rating: 4.3
Reviews: 131
Services: Daycare, Grooming, Boarding
Location: 740 S Greenville Ave #100, Allen, TX 75002, United States.
Business Hours: Monday to Friday: 8 AM to 5 PM; Saturday: 9 AM to 4 PM; Sunday: closed.
Phone: +14698549718 
Website: luckypawspetlodge.com

8. My Pet Wellness

Here, a skilled veterinary and pet care team collaborates to ensure 360-degree care for your beloved pets and supportive services to you. They use cutting-edge medical technologies, including well-equipped surgery and in-house diagnostics, to ensure routine preventive care and emergency care services. They also offer significant discounts when you go for a health plan.

Rating: 4.2
Reviews: 52
Services: Boarding, Veterinary, Daycare, Grooming
Location: 3014 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206, United States.
Business Hours: Monday to Friday: 7 AM to 7 PM; Saturday, Sunday: 8 AM to 6 PM.
Phone: +19722002507 
Website: mypetswellness.net/veterinary-hospital/dallas-greenville-vet

9. CityVet – Lovers

CityVet’s passion is to provide the best of everything you require to take care of your pup. They provide “All in One” type services from one convenient place. They do so only to make you happy and your pet healthy.

Rating: 4.8
Reviews: 229

  • Vet care
  • Boarding
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Pet food and supplies

Location: 5323 Greenville Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75206, United States.
Business Hours: Monday to Friday: 7 AM to 6 PM; Saturday: 8 AM to 2 PM; Sunday: closed.
Phone: +14698727555 
Website: cityvet.com/cityvet/lovers-lane

10. Scrubby Dubby Doggy

Their experienced professionals are very cautious about potential health issues like skin irritation or parasites. They make your dog’s coat clean and healthy. With any of their grooming packs, they offer free nail trimming.

Rating: 4.3
Reviews: 71
Services: Grooming services, Trim and hot bath
Location: 1108 N Greenville Ave Suite 101, Allen, TX 75002, United States.
Business Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9 AM to 5 PM
Phone: +12147857880
Website: scrubbydubbydoggy.com

Steps to Select the Right Grooming Company

Normally, groomers with vast experience can ensure your pet’s health, hygiene, safety, and comfort. They also provide you with all the grooming services without causing any stress or mess to your pup.

Before booking an appointment, you have to ensure that your pet will be in loving and caring hands.

Step 1: Gather genuine information about their academic background, training, experience, license, grooming facilities, environment, etc., from all possible sources available.

Step 2: Make a list of services provided by each groomer. Don’t forget to mention their specifications individually.

Step 3: Identify the actual needs of your pet. Note which groomer can meet your pet’s needs within an affordable range. Make sure you don’t need to compromise quality.

Step 4: Implement your intelligence to choose the best one.

Preparing Your Dog Before Grooming Visits

Sometimes you feel that your dog is upset or nervous before visiting a groomer. If it happens, here are some tips that will help engage your dog in enjoying grooming sessions.

Learn Some Basic Steps

Like the professional groomer, you can buy a dog grooming kit that includes a hair dryer, a hair trimmer, nail clippers, brushes, a water sprayer, etc. Don’t get worried about its uses. With only the basic steps, you can easily do these grooming tasks. If you practice these for a couple of weeks, your pet will be habituated to these items. It will eventually benefit your pet by minimizing his stress in an unknown groomer’s environment.

Visit Groomer’s Office

Visiting their offices for a casual talk before your first appointment helps a lot. Talk with the staff if you have queries. For example, you can ask which shampoo they use for your breed. Then you can start using that particular brand so that your pet feels familiar with the groomer’s environment.

Try to Imitate the Groomer’s Style

Handle your puppies as a groomer does. Before the appointment session, spend some time every day for a grooming preparation session. It includes brushing your dog, handling the dog’s mouth, face, and ears, holding the tail gently, etc.

At first, they seem to avoid your physical contact. But no worries. After some trials, they get used to it.

Observe Your Pet Closely to Identify His Weakness

Note if you observe any kind of fear or sensitivity in your pet. Alert your groomer about these abnormalities so that they can take precautionary measures to help your dog relax.

Final Words

When you form a good relationship with your selected groomer, it will, of course, decrease your tension. By handling your dog over to the groomer, you can easily maintain your office hours or go on a family tour or vacation. It will be a happy moment for you because you need not worry about who will take care of your puppy in your absence.

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