7 Best Dog Grooming Near San Antonio, Texas

Dog Grooming in San Antonio, Tx

Grooming your pet is a big part of taking care of its health. Grooming helps maintain your pet’s health in several ways, including reducing the spread of disease-causing bacteria, warding off parasites like ticks, fleas, and mites, getting the fur cleaned, hydrated, and clear of mats, and discovering emerging health issues in their early stages.

If you are a new dog owner and know very little about dog grooming, then it’s not a good idea to groom them yourself. Instead, it’s best to take them to professional groomers because they are skilled. That way, you ensure your pets’ beautiful appearance without the risk of hurting them.

This article will shed light on everything you need to know about dog grooming in San Antonio, including things to consider before selecting the right groomer for your pet dog. So, stay tuned. 

Top 7 Dog Grooming Centers in San Antonio, Texas 

Before you take your dog or any other pet to a grooming center, you must research first. 

For example, if you are looking for a dog grooming place, check online websites for reviews or even talk to their owners about it. This way, you can get the best value for money. 

Another thing to consider is if they have flexible hours open on weekends and work days. Furthermore, make sure they allow pets inside their shop and provide all necessary medications and equipment for grooming services. 

Taking all of the parameters into account, here are our top 7 selections for dog grooming clinics in San Antonio.

1. Lucy’s Doggy Daycare and Spa

Lucy's Doggy Daycare and Spa, San Antonio

Lucy’s Doggie Daycare and Spa has won the title of “Best in the City” for several years running, and they make it their mission to ensure that every dog has a great time there.

All of the dog parks are large and incorporate interactive elements such as playground equipment, pools, cameras in all play areas, and a maximum of seven hours of playtime each day for the dogs.

Rating: 4.6
Reviews: 468

  • Dog bath
  • Dog Spa
  • Blow drying
  • Eye cleaning
  • Body trimming
  • Anal gland expression
  • Coat conditioning
  • Full-service grooming
  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog daycare

Business Hours: Monday-Friday: 7 AM – 8 PM, Saturday-Sunday: 7 AM – 6 PM
Location: 2250 Thousand Oaks Dr #200, San Antonio, TX 78232, United States
Phone: +1 210-495-3647
Website: lucysdoggydaycare.com

2. North Star Animal Center

North Star Animal Center, San Antonio

Dogs, cats, and bunnies of all shapes and sizes can feel secure, calm, and well-cared-for at North Star Animal Center. Treat your pet to a stay at their modern resort if you have to leave town for an extended amount of time either during the day or overnight.

Rating: 4.6
Reviews: 36

  • Brushing 
  • Coat brush-outs
  • De-shed treatments
  • Nail trimming 
  • Nail grindings
  • Blow drying
  • Full-service grooming 

Business Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM – 8:30 PM, Saturday-Sunday: 8 AM – 8 PM
Location: 7070 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216, United States
Phone: +1 210-900-4005
Website: northstaranimalcenter.com

3. Michelle’s Pet Salon

Michelle's Pet Salon, San Antonio

There are a variety of spa and grooming services for your pet available at Michelle’s Pet Salon. 

Schedule an appointment based on your dog’s specific needs and pick up a fresh and clean pet.

Rating: 4.5
Reviews: 535

  • Spa packages
  • Groom packages
  • Blueberry facial
  • Nail trimming
  • Style consulting
  • Flea control
  • Flea shampoo
  • Tick dip and removal
  • De-shedding

Business Hours: Monday-Friday: 7 AM – 5 PM, Saturday-Sunday closed. 
Location:  5902 S Zarzamora St, San Antonio, TX 78211, United States
Phone: +1 210-923-9141
Website: michellespetsalon.com

4. Scissors & Suds Pet Grooming

Scissors & Suds Pet Grooming, San Antonio

The staff at Scissors & Suds Pet Grooming is committed to providing excellent service to you and your pet. They work hard to ensure that your pet has a positive and stress-free time while getting groomed. 

When it comes to the care of your pet, you can rest easy knowing that our groomers are highly trained professionals with years of relevant industry expertise.

Rating: 4.7
Reviews: 37

  • Full groom
  • Mini groom
  • De-shedding 
  • Full body haircut
  • Brush out
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning & glands expressed
  • Light trimming (face, sanitary, feet)

Business Hours: Thursday-Saturday: 9 AM – 3 PM Tuesday: 9 AM – 3 PM
Location: 1031 Patricia Dr #112, San Antonio, TX 78213, United States
Phone: +1 210-340-2294
Website: scissorsandsuds.net/services.html

5. Groom & Bloom Pet Grooming

Groom & Bloom Pet Grooming, San Antonio

San Antonio’s Groom & Bloom Pet Grooming is dedicated to the cleanliness, well-being, and wellness of your dogs and cats. 

Their skilled pet groomers can do it all, from a bath and trim to a trim and a brush out! You can make an appointment now by calling or scheduling it online.

Rating: 4.9
Reviews: 144

  • Bath with blow drying
  • Nail trimming
  • Finishing Spray
  • Ear cleaning
  • Paw pad trim
  • Brush out

Business Hours: Monday-  Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM, Sunday closed. 
Location: 4035 Naco Perrin Blvd #105, San Antonio, TX 78217, United States
Phone: +1 210-608-3716
Website: groomandbloomtx.com

6. Galactic Grooms

Galactic Grooms, San Antonio

You can bring your dog or cat to Galactic Grooms, where they will expertly groom them. They are dedicated to providing superior service for your dog. 

Rating: 4.8
Reviews: 79

  • Dog bath and blow-drying
  • Coat conditioning
  • Nail trimming
  • Fur brushing
  • Teeth brushing

Business Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 9 AM- 5 PM, Sunday and Monday closed.
Location: 4718 S Hackberry St, San Antonio, TX 78223, United States
Phone: +1 210-538-5016
Website: facebook.com/GalacticGrooms

7. Bark San Antonio

Bark San Antonio, San Antonio

Bark San Antonio is a family-friendly pet salon. If your dog needs a personalized haircut or grooming session, pay a visit there. 

Bark San Antonio also picks up dogs from owners’ houses and after grooming delivers them safely. 

Rating: 4.7
Reviews: 36

  • Dog grooming
  • Bath with body trimming
  • Blow drying
  • Full-service grooming

Business Hours: Wednesday-Thursday: 24/7, Friday-Saturday: 9 AM- 5  PM, Monday and Tuesday closed. 
Location: 3012 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78204, United States
Phone: +1 210-380-8824
Website: bark-san-antonio.business.site

7 Steps To Select the Right Dog Grooming Company 

Your dog’s health largely depends on the care you take when grooming him.

 Grooming a dog correctly requires a lot of gentle handling, and that’s before you even start using potentially harmful tools like scissors or electric clippers. 

Depending on your availability and level of expertise, you may need to hire a professional dog groomer. However, finding a good dog groomer takes more than a cursory online search. Your dog will be bathed in water and soap and thoroughly rinsed by a professional dog groomer. Certainly, we won’t entrust her to just anyone.

Here are four guidelines to follow when selecting a groomer for your pet.

1. Ask Around

One of the best ways to find a reliable dog groomer is to get referrals from friends and neighbors. Anybody from your circle of friends and family to your colleagues and acquaintances to your veterinarian, dog trainer, or other pet specialists you know can be asked for advice. 

2. Cut Down the Options

Verify that no complaints have been filed against any of the recommended groomers. To see if a groomer comes highly recommended, do some digging on their official websites. 

3. Make an Appointment With the Groomer or Stop by the Salon

Feel free to grill a potential groomer. Like, Did you attend grooming school or train under a professional groomer? How long have you been maintaining your appearance? Etc.

4. Look at What Other Dog Owners Have Said and Read Reviews

The next step should be to check if the groomer has answered all of your queries satisfactorily. You can check out what other people’s experiences at the groomer were like online, as there are many review sites where you can read about people’s experiences with the groomer.

5. Consider The Prices

It’s only sometimes the case that the most expensive option will be the best. While deciding on a dog grooming salon, it’s important to consider the cost and whether or not it’s worth it. Be very careful about the pricing of the services, especially if you are on a tight budget because you can feel embarrassed afterward. 

6. Be Very Patient

Remember that groomers typically operate on a very tight timetable. If they don’t have time to address your questions right then, ask if they can call you back when they do. A potential groomer’s ability to connect with you and establish a relationship will be crucial in forming your opinion of them.

7. Go With Your Gut Feeling

Schedule an appointment with that stylist if you’re pleased with what you see. Even so, it’s important to trust your instincts. If the environment is pleasant, but you still don’t feel comfortable, it’s best to consider other options.

7 Things to Ask the Groomers Beforehand 

Having a conversation with the groomer and asking a few key questions can help both parties to come to a mutual decision. To ensure that you are making the greatest decision for your dog, it is important to ask each potential groomer the same set of questions. We’ve compiled a list of crucial inquiries that you shouldn’t forget to ask:

1. Ask if You Can See Where They Groom the Dogs

Explore the surroundings and take note of what you see, feel, and smell. Ideally, you’d feel at ease leaving your dog there because it’s spotless, well-organized, has enough fresh airflow, and uses high-quality tools and supplies. A red flag is if you are not allowed in the salon or feel uneasy there.

2. Ask if the Staff Are Trained in Any Basic First Aid for Dogs

The Dog grooming facility needs to have a readily available first-aid kit. Ideally, there should be at least one member of staff there at all times who is knowledgeable in appropriate first-aid procedures. You should question the groomer about the procedures they follow, both in the event of a medical emergency and bad weather.

3. Ask About the Training Details of the Groomer

Some groomers get their skills on the job via internships or mentorships. Others enroll at a school to learn how to care for and groom pets. You should inquire about the groomer’s background, education, skills, and experience. Don’t be afraid to ask about any concerns you may have regarding your dog’s health.

4. Ask if the Groomer Has Experience With Your Pet Dog’s Breed

Even if your groomer is fantastic, you shouldn’t trust your dog if they lack breed-specific skills. You should mention that your breed may have special grooming requirements and that you may wish to find a groomer that has previously worked with animals of your breed.

5. Ask if They Have Liability Insurance

In the unfortunate event that your dog has an injury while in the groomer’s care, they should pay for any necessary veterinary treatment. This is why verifying that the groomer has liability insurance is important.

6. Ask About the Cost of the Service

How much money you may expect to spend on a dog’s grooming session will depend on factors including the dog’s size, the dog’s coat, and the extra services you request. To add insult to injury, grooming certain dogs is more time-consuming than others. After evaluating your dog’s specific needs, a skilled groomer would be able to provide you with a price estimate.

7. Ask if the Staff of the Facility Have Proper Certification or Not

Groomers who apply flea and tick treatments must meet the licensing and certification requirements of several states. Check their credentials to make sure. Groomers who enroll in professional development programs like the AKC’s Safe Animal Care in the Grooming Profession (S.A.F.E. Grooming) show that they are dedicated to their work and committed to improving their abilities.

Tips for Preparing Your Dog for a Grooming Visit 

Prepare your dog for the groomer’s handling by doing so yourself. Within the couple weeks before your scheduled session, do the following every day:

  • Pet your dog by rubbing your fingers up and down its legs.
  • To calm your dog, pet its ears, jaws, and face, focusing on the area around its eyes.
  • To keep your dog healthy, you should brush him regularly.
  • To relax your dog, wiggle its toes and rub its toenails.
  • The gentle grip on the dog’s tail

While older dogs can focus on getting their coats brushed and ready for a bath, younger dogs may be easily sidetracked. They may act uninterested in your touch, yet they are actually adjusting to your kind treatment. To create an impression on a puppy, you needn’t have its undivided focus.


A dog that receives regular grooming care is likely to be content and joyful. If you care for your dog, his fur will shine like a beacon. Having professional grooming is one way to ensure your dog stays healthy and happy. 

We’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to select the finest dog groomer in San Antonio.

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