How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog?

how to convince your parents to get a dog

Seeing your neighbor enjoying their time with their dog every day in their backyard makes you think, “I want a dog also! I want to have fun!” But when you tell your parents about your idea, they don’t seem too excited about it. So, you start whining, and your parents keep saying, “No!” repeatedly.

Having a furry friend by your side can be exciting and fun. Still, it is also a matter of responsibility and expense. You have to consider your parents’ concerns. Understand that seeing someone else having a dog and taking care of a dog of your own are two very different things. Having a dog is like committing to a 10 to 15 years long companionship. 

Understand Your Parents’ Concerns 

Having a pet dog and running around with it seems fun, right? But not always to your parents. You tell them to get you a dog, but it doesn’t work. You think to yourself, “I want a dog, but my parents keep saying no. Why?”. You have to understand why your parents won’t let you get a dog to answer your question. 

Let’s go through some points and understand your parents’ concerns first.

  • Parents always have a lot on their plates. Most of the time, after getting a dog for their child, the child gets bored quickly, and you can’t just throw out a pet dog! It has feelings too. So, they take care of the dog themselves, which hampers their daily lives.
  • Taking care of a dog is quite expensive, which you might not realize. But your parents do!

You have to give the dog proper nutrition, toys, vaccines, and treatments when the dog gets sick. This could all easily rack up a lot of extra expenses that your parents might not be ready for.

  • Your parents may think you are not responsible enough to get a dog. A dog may destroy furniture or power cords or bring dirt into the house, and you may not take responsibility for it.
  • Your parents may be allergic to dogs.

There are more reasons for your parents to say no to having a dog but don’t lose hope. You are all set if you can make them understand that having a dog is suitable for the family. 

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What Are Your Reasons for Getting a Dog?

Are you sure you want a dog? But why do you want a dog? Do you have an answer? No, maybe. But, don’t worry. We have plenty of reasons why you should get a dog to convince your parents. 

Let’s dive in!

  • “A dog is a man’s best friend,” – said King Frederick of Prussia a long time ago. This phrase stuck with us because a dog is a loyal companion and will love you unconditionally.
  • Dogs help to keep homes secure and help us learn to be responsible.
  • Dogs help maintain a healthy family as the family tends to go on walks now and then.
  • Dogs not only help with physical health but also heal us mentally. They are therapeutic and can help with depression.
  • Dogs bring families closer as they bond over a familiar companion.

You have so many reasons to convince your parents to get a dog. And, of course, there is the reason that dogs are very lovable and adorable! We can all agree on that.

Find Out which Breed You Like

Now that you have got your reasons and understand your parents’ concerns, you need to find out which dog breeds you like to get. Of course, they are cute and cuddly, but looks can’t be the only thing to focus on. You also have to consider your location, food availability, climate, housing facilities, etc. 

For example: If you live in an apartment and consider getting a German Shepherd or a Husky, it would not fit you. The place would be too small for the dog, and it would be uncomfortable for you. The best for you would be a smaller dog like Corgi, Pugs, Cairn Terrier, etc. After choosing your favorite, try to learn about their food habits, characteristics, health, and how to take care of their coat and groom them, etc. 

Oh! And let’s not forget to learn about the diseases that a dog could catch so that your furry friend stays healthy and lives longer.

Keep these in mind while scrolling through the internet looking for your new furry best friend!

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Introduce Your Parents to the Idea of a Dog

From the above two ways, you have gathered enough information to present your parents with the idea of getting a family dog. Here are some steps to help you approach your parents.

  • Talk about a dog as a part of the family.

While having a family dinner or just relaxing on a Saturday night with the family, casually mention that a dog would be lovely and a part of the family. Let them know that owning a dog could bring the family closer because it would lead to more family time.

Tell your parents to imagine a picnic out in the park, and all of you are playing Frisbee with the dog. Also, say aloud, “Wouldn’t that be nice!”. 

  • Let them know that a dog can help with mental health issues.

As you have learned from the previous paragraph, let your parents know this information that a dog can be therapeutic. Also, let them know that dogs can feel when a person is going through a bad stage and can help comfort them.

  • Talk about how a dog can teach you responsibility.

Every parent wants their kids to be responsible, and this is an excellent chance for you to let them know that you can learn to be accountable by having a dog. Tell them that you will have a more proper routine of daily life as you will need to feed, bathe, walk and play with the dog. Also, let them know that you will be more capable of taking care of another living being.

  • Give your parents a presentation.

If your parents are still not impressed, try writing a persuasive letter to your parents to get a dog. 

You can also try making a slideshow using cute puppy pictures, pointing out your responsibilities, and mentioning what type of dog you want and why you want it. 

You can also add facts about the Breed of a dog, which will show that you have researched it.  

End your ‘furry friend needed’ presentation with, “A dog will make our house feel more like home. And that is why I should get a dog!”. 

These steps will surely help you get the idea of getting a dog in their mind. After that, they will question you on your responsibilities, but at least they will think about it.

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Start Being Responsible

You need to ask yourself, “Am I responsible for my chores and homework?”. If your parents doubt you, that means you are not responsible enough. So, before they say no again to your idea, start being responsible. 

Don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

  • Make your bed

The first thing you should do is make your bed every morning. This will show your parents that you are indeed trying to become responsible. 

  • Do your chores

Try to complete your daily chores without your parents nagging you about it. Try helping around the house even if not asked to. It will give a sense of responsibility to your parents that you will remember to take care of the dog. It will show that you remembered to complete your duties. 

  • Try to get your grades up.

“Have you done your homework yet?” or “Do your homework before you start playing!” are common sentences every Mom says. So, before your Mom uses these sentences, why don’t you complete your homework and even try doing extra work. It will let your parents know that you are trying your best.

  • Become a pet sitter

Many people need their pets to be taken care of; you can try helping them out. It will also help you earn extra money and give you the experience of taking care of a pet. You can save that money for your dog, and your parents will be pleased too.

  • Try to improve

Do you have any annoying behavior that your parents always tell you about? We all have annoying things that we do, but you also need to improve yourself just like us. It will later become an example to your parents showing that you are improving. 

  • Give your parents time to think.

Bravo! You are doing all the things to be more responsible. But, wait! Doing these things for a day or two won’t make you more accountable or convince your parents. You need to continue everything for two months or so. 

We understand that you will become impatient at a time but trust us, patience is bitter, but the fruit at the end is so much sweeter! Your parents will appreciate your patience.

Budget Plan

As we mentioned before, having a dog is costly. You need to help your parents with the cost and tell them that you are willing to care for a dog. 

Here are some tips on how to make a budget plan:

  1. Calculate how much pocket money you get in a month and how much you spend. Then ask your parents to help you with the price of dog food, treats, supplements, medicines, toys, collars, etc.
  1. You can also make budgets for different things each month. For example, you can budget for food for a month, and then in another month, you can budget for toys or treats. It will help you balance your budget plan.
  1. Try to earn extra money by doing extra chores or pet sitting your neighbor’s pet even. It will help you save for more things you would love to buy for your dog.

After preparing your budget plan, show it to your parents. They will surely understand that you are serious about getting a dog. 

Our Final Words

We believe that you are serious about getting a dog, and you are going to try every step of this article to succeed. 

It is a great plan to convince your parents, but we sadly can’t guarantee that it will work 100%. But, as you have come this far in the article to know how to convince your parents to get a dog, we are hopeful for you that you will get one. 

Let us know which steps have helped you convince your parents. We would love to be part of your happiness.

But don’t be upset if they say no. Don’t lose hope. Keep on trying and be on your best behavior. They still might change their mind when they see you being responsible and good. 

They may also have reasons to say no because taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility.

Write to us if you need more help. Otherwise, there’s always the option of getting a dog when you are older. Then you can get as many as you want and can care for!

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