Why Does My Cat Stare At Me? Intriguing Facts that would Make You Smile

why does my cat stare at me

Do you have a pet at your home acting all royal? Then you are lucky enough to be chosen by a cat. But their big-beady eyes have been staring since the day they arrived in your life.

You wake up in the morning and see your cat watching you; you are working, your cat is still staring, eating, and guess what? They are still staring! Now, you have no privacy anywhere in your home.

You think, “What’s happening in my cat’s head?”

Finally, you will get all the answers about your fluffy kitties. This article answers a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Why Does My Cat Stare Into My Eyes?

Cats are staring masters, but they are not challenging you to a staring contest. It is just normal cat behavior. But you still think, “why does my cat sit and stare at me.” 

Let’s go through the reasons. It’s going to be fun!

Reason 1: To Show Love & Affection

Who says cats aren’t affectionate? They love you as much as a dog does, but their way of expressing it differs. They watch you constantly and slowly blink to show that they need your attention.

Give them some affection when your fur baby is staring at you and slowly blinking. Maybe a few head scratches and pets will work.

Reason 2: To Communicate

Staring is a form of non-verbal communication language for cats. They develop this communication accidentally while growing up. If they see you are responding to their staring by giving them attention, food, or cat treats, they will keep doing this to see if you will do it again.

Moreover, a cat stares at you to communicate when they want food. The stare can also accompany some meows to let you know they are hungry.

Reason 3: Out of Curiosity

That’s curiosity. The stares you get from your cat may creep you out and make you think, “why does my cat stare at me creepy?” Well, there’s a simple reason behind it.

Cats are naturally curious animals with a sharp sense of sight, smell, and hearing. As you are a dear one to them, they always want to know what you will do next. Even when you move around the house, your curious cat will shift their attention to you to understand what’s happening.

Don’t be creeped out by the stares. It’s just your curious, weird kitty being themselves!

Reason 4: Happy and Content

If you notice your cat looking up and staring at you, relaxed and chilled, be excited! Why? Because they are happy and fulfilled with your love. They are staring at you to profess their love. Give them a boop as you would to a dog, so they understand you acknowledge it!

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me Without Blinking?

Cats like staring at many things without blinking for hours; if you are one of them, don’t be surprised. Here’s why:

  • Your cat is bored and wants you to understand that. Get their favorite toy and play with them for some time. It will tire them out and get rid of their boredom.
  • Cats are natural hunters. When they hunt, they stalk their prey without blinking, called the “cat death stare.” But they didn’t need to stalk prey to eat as they were domesticated. Although, sometimes, their instinct kicks in, and they watch your movements without blinking. It’s not anything dangerous but rather a bit funny.
  • Cats can feel threatened by sudden movements and stare without blinking to protect themselves. It can also mean they are attempting to pounce to dominate you. You can understand it from their body language. If you see this sign, it’s better not to make any direct eye contact to make them more scared. To break it off, “slow blinking” towards your cat will inform them you mean no harm.

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me with Dilated Pupils?

We all know cats can contract and expand their pupils. It helps them control the amount of sunlight getting in their eye. But this is not the only time they expand their pupils to have dilated pupils. There are times when:

  • Cats feel angry, afraid, or anxious, which can be noticed from their dilated pupils. If you see your cat having a stiff body, high tail, and staring with dilated pupils, be ready to be attacked. They may try to attack you if you get close at that time. But don’t be afraid; these signs are also noticed when they are too excited and want to play.
  • In rare cases, dilated pupils can mean your cat has high blood pressure or hyperesthesia syndrome. High blood pressure can cause ocular injury and a stare-like appearance. On the other hand, hyperesthesia syndrome shows symptoms like dilated pupils with eyes wide open, twitching of the tail, and unpredictable body movements like seizures for 20-30 seconds after waking up. Call your nearby vet clinic ASAP to get your cat’s health checked if you ever notice these.

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Why Does My Cat Watch Me Eat?

Our feline friends find us fascinating just like we find them. So, isn’t it normal for them to observe their subject while we eat? It definitely can be one of the reasons. But to speak more logically, we have gathered some reasons your cats watch you eat.

  1. We have noticed cats want us to be around when they eat to feel safe as they concentrate on the food and can’t look out for predators. It could be a reason, and they are repaying the favor by watching us eat our meals to make us feel safe the same way they do. Now, isn’t that thoughtful and sweet!
  1. Your cats are maybe fascinated by the smell of your food and the silverware you’re using. Shiny objects attract cats!
  1. If you have ever fed your cat anything from your plate, be sure they will be there by your side, watching you eat in the hopes of getting some of your food. Don’t make it a habit because they will learn, this staring tactic works to get food.

Why Does My Cat Watch Me Sleep?

Cats are nocturnal animals and prefer to sleep whenever they like. But when it’s time for you to sleep, waking up in the middle of the night to find your cat staring at you can be a scary experience, but the reasons will melt your heart.

Number 1: The Bond

Many people think cats don’t have feelings like dogs do, but that’s not true. Most cat owners guarantee that they have a special bond with their pets. The cats love to establish this feeling with eye contact even at night.

Number 2: Watching Over

When cats feel close to us, they usually show it by licking or rubbing themselves with us. It can lead to them being protective of us. Maybe, they’re our guardian angels watching over us when we sleep.

Number 3: Anxiousness

Cats can feel anxious also and may need you to care for them to feel better. They will want to cuddle at the time to calm themselves and feel relaxed. So, get your cuddle on!

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