Why Do Dogs Sleep with Their Bum Facing You? Plus, What Causes Uncomfort

Why Do Dogs Sleep with Their Bum Facing You

You’re minding your business on the bed, and suddenly, your dog comes running and puts its bum on your face. It may sound like a disgusting incident. However, you definitely have experienced such a situation if your beloved dog sleeps close to you.

Don’t be surprised if this happens because it’s a typical story for many dog owners. And all of them have the same question, “Why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you?”

This “bum in your face” incident is a natural dog behavior. It’s also known as “hip nudge.” In the dog world, it’s their way to say “Hello,” a classic greeting gesture. Such a fun way to greet someone, right?

Now, let me tell you why dogs do this.

Why Does My Dog Put its Butt on Me?

You may think your dog puts his butt on you to make fun of you. But do you really think they would do something like that just for fun? Well, they can, but they aren’t.

Here are 7 reasons why your dog parks his rear end on you.

Reason 1: Your Dog Trusts You

“Trust” is a precious thing that is difficult to obtain. So, seeing your furry pals exposing their vulnerable side toward you means you’ve become worthy of their trust.

Pets display their trust in many ways, and one of these ways is by lying close and putting their butts toward you. Moreover, they know you’ll have their back if anything happens.

Reason 2: Your Dog Wants to Claim You

It may sound funny, but you’ve seen dogs sniff each other’s rear ends. Do you know why they do it? Because they want to get familiar with other dogs’ scents to become friends.

Dogs have scent glands under their tails, which helps them identify each other and claim them as their friend. If your pet sleeps with its bum facing You, be happy. You are one of the lucky ones!

Reason 3: Your Dog Feels Comfortable on That Spot

There’s a more straightforward reason for your dog to put its butt on you, and that’s comfort. Maybe your dog has a favorite spot on your bed and loves to nap there. They may be putting their bum on you to make you move out of their place.

Reason 4: Your Dog Doesn’t Like Ventral Contact

We feel comfortable talking to others face-to-face, but such conversations aren’t a thing for dogs. They feel comfortable when they face their backside toward you. 

If your dogs sleep while putting their rear ends toward you, let them. It’s a more calming and comfortable experience for them.

Reason 5: Your Dog Is Protecting You

You can sleep peacefully when your pup is facing its butt toward you. Why? Because they’re protecting you. They’re lying close, not facing you, so that they can look over the room. 

If anything happens, your beloved pet will be there to protect you. It’s a way of expressing gratitude for all the love, care, attention, and protection you offer them.

Reason 6: Your Puppy Is Avoiding Eye Contact

If you just got a new puppy or dog, you’ll probably find it sleeping with its bum facing toward you. Don’t worry. They just need some time to warm up to you. 

Don’t force your dog to sleep facing you or make eye contact because it’s not easy for dogs to trust you in the warming-up session.

Reason 7: Your Dog Wants Scratches

Flea allergy is the most irritating thing that happens to a dog. Usually, dogs get fleas, and the flea’s saliva causes an endless itching session. The irritation mainly occurs above the tail area known as the “tail head.” Your dog knows you’re willing to give them a good scratch, so they stick their butt toward you.

Another reason could be that your furry friends like back scratches, and that’s their hotspot for a good scratch. So, don’t hesitate to give your dog a hand or, to say, a scratch.

What Are Some Dog Sleeping Positions?

If you have a dog, you may have noticed that they sleep in various ways and positions, just like humans. Sometimes, you’ll see a paw in the air or lying, exposing their belly. Your dog’s sleeping position can tell a lot about its physical and mental state.

Have you ever wondered what your furry friend’s cute sleeping positions mean? Let’s dive into the details of your pet’s sleeping positions.

10 common dog sleeping positions are:

1. The Slide Sleeper

It’s one of the most popular dog sleeping positions. They will be sleeping on their sides with extended arms showing they are very comfortable.

Meaning: It shows your pet feels safe, relaxed, and at a comfortable temperature. Side sleepers can fall asleep just about anywhere.

2. The Donut

The donut is the cutest position. You’ll see your dog all curled up into a ball with its legs folded close to its body. Sometimes, they will do a “shrimp curl,” touching their noses to their hind legs with their tails curled over their bodies.

Meaning: This position implies your dog is protecting itself and adjusting to cold temperatures to save body heat. It’s common in stray or new dogs in a new environment.

3. The Superman

If your dog is lying flat on its tummy with its front legs stretched forward and hind legs stretched backward, they look like they are flying. All they need is a cape to resemble superman. 

Hence, this position is called the superman and sometimes “sploot.” Energetic and playful puppies usually sleep in this position.

Meaning: Is that a bird or a plane? No, it’s your super-dog! Pups sleeping in the superman position are tired but still ready to play if the opportunity arises. You’ll see puppies napping like this during their play sessions.

4. The Lion’s Pose

The lion’s pose, or the “sphinx,” as some might call it, is when your dog sleeps with its head on top of its paws. It kind of mimics the lion statues you see outside large buildings. They can also fall asleep by tucking their front paws and placing their hind legs to a side.

Meaning: The position means your puppy is napping with its guards up. They are ready to pounce if needed. The lion’s pose sleepers are protective and usually doze off by their owner’s feet.

5. The Burrower

Your pet sleeps in the burrower position when it slides under blankets, clothes, or pillows to sleep and feel safe. Sometimes they’ll stick their nose out.

Meaning: The position means your dog is searching for comfort and security.

6. The Cuddler Bug

This position lets your dog cuddle with you or other animals. Cuddler bug is a sweet position to bond with them.

Meaning: The cuddler bug signifies love, adoration, and closeness.

7. Back to Back

It’s similar to the cuddler bug position, but your dog will get as close as possible and place its back against other pets or you.

Meaning: This position instills a sense of trust, intimacy, love, and affection.

8. On the Back

It’s adorable when your dog sleeps with its belly up and paws in the air. This position is also the most comfortable one for dogs.

Meaning: The position is a sign of trust and familiarity with you and the surroundings. It also helps your dog to stay cool.

9. Head and Neck Raised

Some dogs sleep with their head and neck raised using the side of the dog bed, pillow, or cushion. 

Meaning: Your dog may have breathing issues.

10. On a Cold Surface 

Dogs sleep on their stomach on a cold surface whenever they’re feeling hot. This position is similar to the superman or the lion’s pose.

Meaning: Your dog is feeling too hot and is trying to cool down. So you better crank up the A/C or the fan if you find your dog in this position. 

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Where Should My Dog Sleep at Night?

Choosing the perfect spot for your dog to sleep at night can be tricky. This is a genuine problem for many dog owners because they don’t want their pets to get too cold or hot. So, what can you do about it?

Well, you should first consider where your dog likes to sleep. The couch can be their spot if they love snoozing on it, if you don’t mind that. 

On the other hand, many owners like to cuddle with their buddies in bed, and dogs also love it. But there are some pros and cons to it. We’ll get to that later in this article. Otherwise, you can always try bed or crate training your dog.

But, remember to place the bed or crate away from the windows and near your bedroom. After all, if you still can’t get your dog to stay in bed or crate, something must be bothering them.

Why Can’t Your Dog Get Comfortable in its Bed?

Dogs naturally “circle” on a spot before they lie down. But if they get up and down frequently and struggle to get comfortable on their bed, it can be due to the following underlying health issues.

1. Joint Pain

Often, joint pains are the reason your dog feels uncomfortable lying down. Senior or obese dogs or large dog breeds are at risk of having joint pain. This condition is known as canine osteoarthritis in dogs.

Some signs of osteoarthritis in dogs: 

  • Circling more than usual
  • Panting or groaning when lying down
  • Staying stiff after lying down
  • Attempting to lie down many times

Although osteoarthritis isn’t a curable condition, there are treatments and medications to help ease the pain. Contact your veterinary doctor soon if you notice any symptoms in your dog.

2. Pancreatitis

It is a condition where digestive enzymes are activated too early, which escapes the digestive tract. If you notice your dog in the “praying position” for too long, it could have pancreatitis. But, don’t worry! A visit to the vet and a healthy diet can cure pancreatitis in dogs.

3. Bloat

Gastric dilatation-volvulus syndrome (GDV) or bloat, is a painful and sudden disease that requires immediate medical attention. It causes your dog’s stomach to dilate and twist, causing severe abdominal pain. 

You should never wait in this situation because it will cost your dog’s life. Your vet will be able to treat it and give you tips on protecting your pup in the future.

4. Heart Disease

Dogs with heart disease have trouble breathing while lying down. They can even attempt to sleep while standing or sitting. But luckily, heart disease can be prevented with medicine and dietary changes.

5. Anxiety

Your dog may have anxiety if they aren’t comfortable lying down. It can be separation anxiety or fear, which causes your dog’s behavior to change.

If your dog is afraid of loud noises, try to keep the room as noise-free as possible and spend some extra time with your pet to prevent separation anxiety.

Pros and Cons of Sleeping with Dog in Bed

About 45% of pet owners in the US don’t mind having their dogs in bed. We don’t oppose it either! What better way to cuddle with your best friend!

But first, you should consider the pros and cons of sleeping with your dog in bed. Let’s get to it.

✅ Pros of sleeping with dogs in bed❌ Cons of sleeping with dogs in bed
Comfort and security1. Increased allergies
Mental health boost2. Decreased sleep quality
Improved immunity3. Germ exposure
Improved health4. Risk of injury
Increased pet bonding time5. Potential aggression

Final Thoughts: Doggy Bums Convey Love

Now that you know your dog is just professing its love by putting its bum on your face; embrace it. Let the doggy love flow! Admire the ways your dog sleeps, but pay attention to its sleeping habits to avoid health problems. 

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