Can Rabbits Eat Kiwis? What Are the Dangers

Can Rabbits Eat Kiwis

Rabbits love to eat fruits and sugary treats. That might not be too different from us. However, they should still eat fewer fruits than they like. Bunnies are particularly fond of kiwis. But can rabbits eat kiwis?

Rabbits can eat kiwis without any problems. But they should eat it in moderation. Although kiwis are high in fiber, they are very sugary and can cause gastronomical problems.

Moreover, young rabbits should not eat kiwis at all. Like all pets, your rabbits will love it when there is some variety in their diet. If you are feeding them the same thing, it will get boring. Treats like kiwis once in a while are fine.

Is It Okay to Feed Rabbits Kiwis?

Kiwis are great treats for rabbits, so it is fine to give them kiwis occasionally. Kiwi is not harmful to rabbits – it is quite nutritious and has a lot of fiber. However, it should not become a part of their regular diet.

Rabbits need fiber. A fiber-rich diet is their ideal diet since it keeps their gut healthy. So, what is the problem with eating kiwis? The problem is that kiwis contain excessive amounts of sugar.

A rabbit’s digestive system is pretty weak and needs special care. That is why you must plan the foods you give your rabbits carefully. Otherwise, they might get sick.

The amount you give your rabbit depends on their body size. Generally, you should not feed rabbits more than 1 tablespoon of fruits per 2 LBS. of their body weight. This will help you ensure that you do not strain their digestive systems.

But you should avoid fruits like kiwi if you see gastronomical problems. Moreover, some rabbits might not even like kiwis. You can introduce kiwis to them gradually. In addition, you should only give kiwis to rabbits over 12 weeks old.

Try to see whether they like it or not. If they like it, then you are all set. Give it to them as a treat from time to time.

However, if your rabbits are not that hyped about kiwis, it is better not to keep feeding kiwis to them.

Are Kiwis Good for a Rabbit’s Health?

The best thing about kiwi is that it is fiber-rich and has many vitamins. Therefore, it is quite good for your rabbit’s health. In addition, unlike chocolates, kiwi is non-toxic to rabbits.

Since bunnies have a slightly weaker digestive system, the high fiber in kiwis will help improve digestive health. There is a good amount of potassium in kiwis too. Potassium is very good for the heart.

As a result, you can feed your rabbits kiwis without worrying about any major health issues like kidney failure. They are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which are great for health.

Vitamin C can boost the immune system. As a result, they will stay healthier. Moreover, the antioxidants in kiwis can help improve blood pressure in rabbits too.

Then there is also calcium in kiwis. We all know how good calcium is for bone health. But you should not give them foods with too much calcium since it can harm their urinary system.

Despite the benefits of kiwis, you shouldn’t keep feeding your rabbit kiwis all the time, as kiwis are packed with sugar, and a rabbit’s diet should primarily consist of low-sugar foods. It should be high in fiber and have fresh vegetables and leafy greens. Pellets made specifically for rabbits are fine, too.

As a result, even though kiwis have some benefits, like high fiber, they don’t have any special nutrients that your rabbit cannot get from somewhere else.

What Are the Dangers of Giving Kiwis to Rabbits?

A very important thing to remember here is that even though kiwi is fine for rabbits in small amounts, feeding them frequently can be dangerous.

That is why I recommend only giving your rabbits kiwis as a special treat. As usual, the main culprit is sugar. Kiwis are notoriously high in sugar. And feeding high-sugar foods to rabbits can mess up their digestive systems.

Younger ones still developing are more prone to gastronomical issues due to sugar-rich foods. Feeding them too much kiwi, and therefore, too much sugar, could lead to problems like diarrhea, pain, and stomach cramps.

Is Kiwi Safe for Baby Rabbits?

So far, I have already mentioned how sensitive a rabbit’s digestive system is a few times. That is exaggerated when talking about baby rabbits. Therefore, you should never feed kiwis to kits.

Since baby rabbits are still developing, you need to feed them food that will help them. Specifically, fiber-rich foods. So that means lots of hay. Treats should not be a concern now.

You can add fruits and veggies to their diet at three months old. By that age, they can process fruits, vegetables, and other sugary foods. But as I mentioned earlier, do not overfeed kiwis and similar sugary fruits.

What Parts of a Kiwi Can Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits can eat every part of a kiwi, including the seeds. They can eat the skin of a kiwi. Moreover, a kiwi’s skin is better for your rabbit than the flesh of the fruit itself. Kiwi skin has a higher fiber content and less sugar than the flesh. And since a rabbit’s ideal diet should be fiber, you can also give them kiwi skin to eat.

The seeds are fine too. You do not need to go through the hassle of tediously scraping the seeds out of the kiwi. The seeds are so tiny that it will not be a problem.

On the side of caution when it comes to kiwi vines, though. Even though there is no reference to it negatively impacting rabbits, I do not recommend you feed your rabbit kiwi vines. 

Besides, why do they even need to eat that in the first place? So, kiwi flesh, skins, and seeds are fine for a rabbit. Even though the skin has high fiber, you should give it to rabbits moderately.

There is still high sugar in it, overall. And too much sugar in their diet can cause digestive issues, runny poop, and stomach pain.

How many kiwis Can Rabbits Eat?

Pet rabbits should only have a few tablespoons of fruit per week. This includes all kinds of fruits in general, not just kiwis. To be clearer, if you already gave your rabbit a few fruits as a treat this week, skip the kiwi—even if they want it.

A safe way to give your rabbits treats like kiwis and other fruits is to space them out over the week. Do not feed them fruits every day. Even if you give them very small amounts of fruit to eat, it might be a problem. So, it is best to give them fruits every other day or for two days.

A healthy rabbit’s diet typically consists of about 10% of treats. And fruits are counted as treats. Therefore, while rabbits can eat kiwi, they cannot, or rather, should not, eat too much of it too often.

What Treats Can You Give Rabbits?

Whenever you give your rabbits kiwis to eat, it will be a treat. Kiwis are by no means the primary food for rabbits. 

So, if the excess sugar in kiwis is concerning, you can substitute it with other treats your bunnies will equally enjoy:

High Fiber Treats

You could give them pellets that are high in fiber. They will still love to eat it since they naturally eat fiber-rich foods. Hay is a very good option. It is very high in fiber and will keep your bunnies’ gut healthy.

Commercial Treats

Do not shy away from store-bought treats. They are perfectly fine and safe for rabbits to eat. You need to be careful, though. Although not all commercially available rabbit treats are bad for your bunny, some are.

You need to do your due diligence here. Ensure you read the ingredient lists and ensure nothing in there could harm your rabbit. Store-bought treats with fiber and hay are the best. Moreover, they have a longer shelf life than fresh fruits and veggies.

Fruits and Vegetables

Speaking of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can give many fruits and leafy greens to your little furball. However, since fruits have sugar in them, do not always give them to your rabbits.

Fruits like apples, bananas, blueberries, lemons, oranges, mangoes, pears, and pineapples are perfectly fine for them. In addition, you could also give your rabbits veggies like basil, kale, dill, spinach, and more.

However, some foods are a no-go. All kinds of human threats should be avoided. They can make your rabbit very ill.


Can rabbits eat nuts?

Rabbits cannot eat nuts since their digestive system cannot break them down properly. Even though nuts are good for you, they are unsafe for rabbits.

At what age can I feed my rabbit solid food?

You can start giving baby rabbits solid food once they are three weeks old. You could give them a small amount of hay to nibble on. Before that, they should only drink their mother’s milk.

Do rabbits like kiwis?

Rabbits love sugary fruits. It is a treat for them. But that does not mean you should give it to them whenever they want. On the other hand, some rabbits might not like it that much.

What foods can rabbits not eat?

Rabbits cannot eat fruits like avocados. They cannot eat chocolate, rhubarb, iceberg lettuce, or mushrooms.

Wrapping Up

Kiwi is not bad for rabbits, nor is it poisonous. When feeding rabbits kiwis, ensure that you only give them to them as treats infrequently. Otherwise, the high sugar content in kiwis, and for that matter, any fruit, can cause problems.

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